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Lucky@LeMans 12th May 2021 10:48

DB7 Shooting Brake
Found this seller ( drammyboy ) on ebay offering DB7 style bodies to fit on a Scimitar chassis. Not a great idea in itself as you can buy an original DB7 for around £20k. He does do a conversion to give the Scimitar body a make over with a DB7 front end and a curvy rear end to go with it. Looks pretty good and would be a simple swop I would think. One of his photo's show a white car with the conversion.

redratbike 13th May 2021 06:42

oh yes the guy in scotland i thought he was selling all his stuff

if you had read some of his previous ad’s there was a lot of hate for the scimitars owners clubs i don’t think they liked him chopping up cars

he has been selling stuff for a few years

Dpaz 15th May 2021 22:02

A mate who had a Scimitar reconned that certain people in the club wanted to break up the less pristine cars to push the prices up. Even really nice ones aren't that pricey.

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