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tonyvan 11th April 2020 07:05

Exhaust Mods
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As the car is back from paint , and Iíve added a thread about putting all the bright work on the car and finishing the build/restoration. There was one thing really bugging me and that was the way the exhaust tips looked.every time I looked at it it just didnít look right and when the car went off to paint it actually scraped on the ground as the car went up on to the transporter. So I set about some templates to change the angle in keeping with the original. I searched the web and found a company who were absolutely brilliant Jetex Exhausts I spoke to Neil who was actually still working through this difficult corona virus pandemics, he had what I needed in stock and send the parts out immediately.Lucky I have some time on my hands so set about changing the way the exhaust exited. The system is a 4 into 2, into two separate stainless baffle boxes in stainless steel, so the actual exhaust is in great shape, just the exit sections that looked naff. Chuffed with how itís come out.
Onto the next things that need doing. 🥴 lol

NeilF355 12th April 2020 09:18

Looks good Tony.
Must admit that I'm a fan of slash cut exhaust tips, I have them on my F355 replica.

tonyvan 12th April 2020 20:12

Hi Neil yes I must be honest the exhaust was bugging me and the change to them is so much better. I just need to take the Dino off the ramp so I can see it at ground level. I also didnít like the way the rear seemed to be squat and measuring the rude hight, the back was lower than the front by 10 mm,so Iíve adjusted the spring hight and I canít wait to see how it stands once off the ramp. I ran out of stainless bolts , washers and nylock nuts to clamp the off side tail pipes, so the car will be on the ramp for hopefully no longer than another week. Will post some pics of the car then.

tonyvan 25th April 2020 09:53

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After an agonising wait for parts and bits to finish off the Dino, I decided to change a few bits and redo the rocker covers and air filters. Boredom?? Well I can’t finish the exhaust as I’m short of 2 bolts and 4 washers of a specific size that I’ve used throughout the exhaust, so I’m still waiting for them bits to turn up .... 2 and half weeks later I’m still waiting and can’t get car off ramp until they turn up. Anal or what!! So I guess little bits that were niggling me need doing.
Last pic is how it was. I’m going red on back on the air filters to keep the theme of black on red on the rocker covers.

tonyvan 27th April 2020 19:07

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Bit more work done today. Raised the rear and lowered the front a tad. Bumpers didnít look right so they dame off and a bit of fettling and they now look pretty good.refitted repainted rocker covers and air filters. Happy with how itís progressing. Roof lining next.

molleur 27th April 2020 19:31

looking the part now. Awesome build!

tonyvan 27th April 2020 19:39

Thank you, unfortunately the photos donít actually do it justice Iím not great with techno and uploading pics, so I donít know how to attach better pics. Will attach pic of rear of car and exhaust tomorrow. Very happy with how they finally came out.

NeilF355 28th April 2020 08:59

Hi Tony
Nice work on the rocker covers :icon_biggrin:
Looks like a lot of carbs in there, are they twin 40DCOE webers?
Which headlining are you going to use? (the originals seem to have a bewildering array of plain, perforated with square holes, perforated with round holes, diamond pattern, various grades of grain?????)

Keep up the good work.

tonyvan 28th April 2020 09:17

Hi Neil, yes they are Weber twin 40s down drafts. The rockets had Ferrari on them but I changed them to Dino,and repainted them as the high temp paint I originally used was a Matt finish and changed it to enamel. The Dino badges were wuite expensive as I had to but the whole Dino GT badges from Superformance, and cut the GT off.
Regards to the roof lining I am going with an off white, plain pattern perforated skrim backed lining (foam backing) . As it’s foamed backed I will just bond it to the roof.i didn’t really want to make a roof lining panel, however if it doesn’t come out right then that made be an option, but quite fiddly. Something I don’t really want to do.There isn’t much head room as it is, so any reduction in height is going to be a problem.i will take a pic of the roof lining and post up.

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