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WorldClassAccident 10th October 2015 10:47

The return of the centre mounted clock!

More discrete than mine was I think

Danny_HUFC 10th October 2015 12:15

I really think more needs to be done with the interior on these SWB's a dash swap woth older clocks is a must!

a big scary monster 14th October 2015 20:33

Whilst reading about peoples ideas for the dash I had an annoying niggle in my mind then when Danny said dash swap I realised what it was.Nissan had already done it.
1992 Nissan micra[IMG][/IMG]
1992 Nissan figaro[/IMG] Same floor pan, probably same bulk head same year of manufacture, very simple design looks brilliant I like the CD player buttons. I think a fibre glass dash top and facia could and should be made by tribute. I am having problems posting pics they are showing on mine so I have added the top link too? Can anyone see them? Ed

Mister Towed 15th October 2015 07:08

Couldn't get the links to work, but here are some images of the K11 Micra dash and the Figaro dash -

Agree about the style of the Figaro dash, something similar would look right in a SWB imho.

a big scary monster 15th October 2015 08:56

Thanks Mr Towed, I can see them on mine I even put both links from the cp picture folder up? Very strange.
My pictures where very similar just with an older style Micra dash.its a very simple style and also the leather clad dash top is consistent with my mission to try and get everyone to do a bit of upholstery work as I find it so try some pictures on this post.Ed
Nissan's finished redash.[/IMG]
What they started with[/IMG]
Now I'm not saying to fit a Figaro dash although I like it, I am just pointing out what is possible once the original is lifted out and you get your head around the nest of wiring. I can picture a similar dash top and facia coupled with the modified centre console many have achieved. That stereo you bought towed would not look out of place or a hidden remote controlled one like scotties. The Dash top and console could be trimmed in matching fabric.
If anyone wants anything stitching get in touch post me some patterns and I will have a stab. Ed.

Mister Towed 15th October 2015 09:59

Your images now work ABSM.

As a Nissan fan I should've asked which generation of Micra your dash picture was from, I foolishly assumed it'd be from a K11. As I'm sure we all know, 1992 was the change-over year between the K10 and K11 models... :nerd:

a big scary monster 15th October 2015 10:33

Of course we all know that, many is the evening I spend reciting Micra part numbers, In fact you would have to be in the he who is only stupid club to pick the wrong one,(see mr towed on the road thread).
I didn't know that and its a bit of a massive presumption on my part that the Figaro is the same floor pan? I picked that as they where both 1992 car photos and the steering wheel to scuttle height looks closer. Believe it or not only yesterday i was talking about just how many fantastic cars Nissan have designed and yet they kind of fly under the radar. I also like the scargo. Ed

casamolino 17th October 2015 12:52

Good afternoon at the time that Chris built my car he was using Alfa 156 door handles connected by a Tribute designed mechanism to link to the Z3 door lock (same as on Bob`s car *Hurnleft*) , although it worked reasonably on my car it did seize on 2 occasions and never really gave full confidence .
The latest choice is to use a Mini door handle with the standard Z3 handle fitted with a small plate attached as per (Andy`s car *Ericholm*) .
To convert my car to enable the Mini door handles to be fitted I have bought 2 replacement doors £25, 2 door handles £34.95 and 2 door locks £35 .

I have replaced a Z3 door previously and did not want to do it again , so I cut the required section out of the new doors (which the door handles fit to) and those sections will be bolted onto my existing doors .

If anybody need 2 Z3 doors with large oblong holes in them please get in touch! thanks Geoff .

casamolino 28th October 2015 19:08

Good evening not sure if I have posted this already but my car will be Oxford Blue (4546) ,
thanks Geoff .

casamolino 23rd December 2015 15:29

Richard at Nubodi has just sent me a couple of photos of the freshly painted car ,

just got to get the interior looking as good , thank you Richard , Geoff .

Paul L 23rd December 2015 15:30

Very nice. :cool:

hurnleft 23rd December 2015 16:12

That looks lovely Geoff, I look forward to seeing your 'build up' pictures.

What a great Christmas present to yourself.

All the best, Bob.

Triumph Special 23rd December 2015 17:03

Wonderful! The colour looks really good on it - enjoy!

Tribute Automotive 23rd December 2015 18:16

Hi Geoff. Nearly there now.

y cymro 23rd December 2015 20:51

That looks very nice Geoff.

froggyman 23rd December 2015 23:12

Looking great, look forward to seeing it built up. Are you going to fit a headlining? I would be interested to see how if you are.

Danny_HUFC 24th December 2015 07:40

Nice shade of blue. Is it a modern day colour or a classic colour?

ned 24th December 2015 12:10

Nice colour , look forward to see the end product.

casamolino 26th December 2015 10:03


Originally Posted by froggyman (Post 73594)
Looking great, look forward to seeing it built up. Are you going to fit a headlining? I would be interested to see how if you are.

Good morning Froggyman , I fitted the headlining myself after getting the built car back from Chris , I ended up making two attempts , first time I covered all the headlining with glue , but this gave a large area to fix at the same time! (not my best plan) , for my second attempt I glued about one quarter of the headlining fixed that then glued another quarter and so on . As somebody else has mentioned it would be much easier to fix the headlining before the body is fixed down , I should say that I had previously fixed sound deadening to the roof to try and reduce the noise of sitting in a fibreglass shell .

Danny ref the paint , it has probably come out rather lighter than I expected but actually to my eyes it looks period! which is what I wanted , thanks Geoff .

nzidol 26th December 2015 21:26

Check out this picture of a 250SWB Competizione (i.e. alu body)

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