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tonyvan 24th March 2020 07:08

Dino back from paint
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Dino went off to have a bit of paint work done. Did not want it to be pristine but was really happy when the car returned looking so shiny and ready to go about installing chrome work, new door rubbers, boot and bonnet rubbers, roof lining, badges etc and fitting interior back in. Lots of time to do all the bits with not being able to go out because of the Coronavirus. Bit of a pain because I’m also waiting for some bits to turn up but no post for the past three days. Anyway cracking on with all the things I can do

NeilF355 24th March 2020 09:10

Dino looks good Tony, I bet you are relieved to have it home before this lockdown, it would be difficult to work on it if it was stuck at the paint guys place.

Must get on with mine :bolt:

tonyvan 24th March 2020 09:26

Hi Neil, yes I am, also I didn’t want it left outside at all. When I went to go to the body shop the other day just to get an update I turned up with sunshine, and the car was outside while they were making room and moving cars around. Almost instantly the clouds came over and we had torentional rain and small hail stones..... engine cover, boot lid and bonnet weren’t on, so within a min there was water everywhere. Rushed to get the car back undercover, but it just shows you how quick things can happen. At least it’s home now and I can check with the met office before I poke the nose out. Lol

rossnzwpi 29th March 2020 04:02

Looks fantastic Tony! I only wish the photos were bigger (you should easily be able to do them 3 or 4 times that size). Looks like you have a great project for the duration. We went into lockdown on Weds 25 March here in New Zealand too, so its work from home till further notice.

tonyvan 29th March 2020 09:01

I’ve no idea why the pics are looking small. When I look at them, they also look a bit fuzzy like they are out of shot. Don’t know why as I just copied them from my phone.

tonyvan 29th March 2020 09:07

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Another couple of pics.Iím going to tackle the exhaust this week as Iím not happy with how the exhaust looks, they tip down ever so slightly and there is no way of twisting the exhaust to correct the issue, so Iíve made some mock ups of the slash pipes I will get made. Just hope the company are working so I can order the tail pipes, and modify them.

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