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mulberry 23rd May 2012 17:38

stromberg cd150 carbs
has any one of you nice kind fellow sammio builders got a spare carb knocking around..i need the damper return spring..or know where i can buy one ?? " the big spring in the middle of the carb" bit like the old slinkys wot you pushed down the stairs.

davecymru 23rd May 2012 17:49

There's one on the-bay-of-e atm quite cheap if no one has one:

Straight Sixer 24th May 2012 00:32

Southern Carburettors in Crawley, Sussex will have bits for Strombergs. Not always the cheapest but they are a fountain of knowledge on all things carbs.


Nick59 25th May 2012 15:45

Think I have got a couple of carbs...not matched, in my "spares bin" I can have a look and let you have one if ive got it?

mulberry 25th May 2012 15:56

nick you could have a look see if there fitted with a spring? thanks


Nick59 25th May 2012 16:00


Originally Posted by mulberry (Post 31168)
nick you could have a look see if there fitted with a spring? thanks


ok Ive got to pop out first thing tonight (pub!) but I will have a rummage when I get back and confirm either later or in the morning.

Nick59 25th May 2012 22:04

Hi this what you are after?

let me know an address and i`ll post you it up.:angel:

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