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mcramsay 3rd May 2016 18:48

Can any one reccomend some nice wing and rear view mirrors for the sportster that are iva proof and look the part?

morris 4th May 2016 20:10

All I can say is don't buy the ones I have (which is not quite the answer you want I know)


The wing mirrors look nice and met the size for IVA but the NS one was impossible to position correctly for the required viewing angles. They also don't move position very smoothly. I had to make up a nasty wedge block to tilt it inwards. Go for something with a decent length arm on it and plenty of movement.

For the rear view, again the area was fine but it was a bit short and only just scraped through plus I had to plaster it in rubber trim and some monster sized heat shrink to get it past the radius test.

I'd buy for the IVA now and pick for the look you want later and not worry about the extra holes you'll have to fill in the body

mcramsay 4th May 2016 20:23

Good advice as always! I have plenty of holes to fill so a few more doesn't bother me. There are some nice ac cobra iva friendly ones on Europa. But they are pretty expensive.

My list of jobs is slowly going down. I might just make iva before the summer, with a long failure list!!!

phil.coyle 4th May 2016 21:37

If you have wing mirrors why do you need a rear view mirror as well? No white van man has an interior mirror if the van has a panel behind the driver.
Surely the wing mirrors are rear view mirrors, or am I missing something here, like a brain?

morris 5th May 2016 10:00

I'm pretty sure that the rules say that if you have a view to the rear, you must have the mirror. This is how vans get away with it, there's nothing to see

Mike 5th May 2016 10:07

I had a similar experience to Ian - my external mirrors are these:

They passed the IVA - but were marginal for size, and ability to focus on the zone required in IVA.

In use they are very small compared to what we are now used to on modern cars, and dare I say I feel are dangerous due to the very limited area of vision they provide. I would like much bigger ones from a safety perspective.... but what modern mirrors would look right?

I used a modern Ford Fiesta rear view mirror - totally IVA friendly, easy to stick on the screen with a double sided pad, a good size for continued use, and cheap to buy. It has remained on my Cabrio and works well.

mcramsay 7th May 2016 13:11

Thanks for the replies. I think I might spend the money and get ones that look good and are good for iva aswell!

MartinClan 7th May 2016 19:22

Try Tex Automotive. They supply a huge range of mirror heads and arms that you can mix and match. Convex glass for a wide view. SvA freindly ( mine passed without comment) and made in the UK.


mcramsay 7th May 2016 19:23

Thanks for the suggestion, I will check them out

6981marlin 10th May 2016 16:20

I got mine from CBS and they went through the iva ok last week. Will dig out the item number when I get back if it helps?

mcramsay 10th May 2016 17:08

Yes please if possible

Patrick 10th May 2016 20:37

I ended up using some plastic ones with taped on convex glass to pass (SVA at the time). I put chrome bullet mirrors, also convex on afterwards. This silly thing it for field of view the bullet mirrors would have passed, but not for glass area :/

6981marlin 11th May 2016 18:17

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I can't find the item number, but I will try to attach photo of current mirrors.


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