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WorldClassAccident 19th March 2020 07:41

Selling a LHD car in the UK
My mighty Merc is up for sale to fund an irrational desire for a Maserati

As well as being a fairly radically tuned car it is left hand drive which makes it quite a niche sale. Anyone got experience of selling this kind of car. Where to advertise / promote it?

I have stuck an advert on Pistonheads and posted some links on Facebook to a sale site I created.

Any suggestions welcome. Also feel free to sharer the link below with anyone who might be interested.


Lucky@LeMans 19th March 2020 09:38

Good luck with your sale Nick, not the best time at the moment. I'd be surprised if I can sell my car now, probably be the autumn at the earliest.

Try the usual online platforms, I've got an ad running on carandclassic which is free. Free ads in Octane are good too, that's where I sold the 250 TR. Magazine sales will probably be right down even if they get printed, subscribers should still get copies though if they are .

WorldClassAccident 19th March 2020 10:57

Cheers. I will check out CarAndClassic and Octane. I am hoping the fresh air of roof down driving will appeal....

On an aside, the water beading on it looked interesting this morning

IanA 19th March 2020 12:56


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 103705)
... an irrational desire for a Maserati ...

Not at all. I was in the position some years ago when I could ask myself "What car would I LIKE to drive?" and the answer for me was a Maserati. Which is why I got mine.

OK, it's not the 450S that I wanted... but the Z300S Barchetta goes some way, a little way towards that.

Good luck with selling any car for a reasonable price atm.

Pretty impressive advert though.

WorldClassAccident 19th March 2020 13:22

[i]Pretty impressive advert though.[/] - a few photos and follow the Wix template. Tried to keep the wording as simple as possible. The people who are likely to buy the car will probably know what it is, or at least have enough knowledge to decide.

Spread the word

WorldClassAccident 26th March 2020 13:42

And I have a possible buyer!!

Anyone shipped a car to the Netherlands before?

Any advice on process, costs, companies welcome. The guy doesn't want to drive it around England and then to his house so wants to get it shipped to him.

He will be arranging it all but I thought someone here might know what he has to do.

WorldClassAccident 26th March 2020 17:36

Thanks - the guy is worried about the modification and CO2 rules over there so is trying to check if the car can be registered over there

Lucky@LeMans 26th March 2020 22:18

That was quick, where did he see it listed , Pistonheads or Facebook ?

I like the wix presentation ad you created, very professional looking !

WorldClassAccident 27th March 2020 07:55


I was impressed with the Wix thing too. Once I had the photos the whole site creation took about 30 minutes

Lucky@LeMans 27th March 2020 15:21

Was that uploaded onto Pistonheads ?

smash 27th March 2020 16:13

Had never heard of a Kleeman but bloody hell Nick, "fairly radically tuned", that thing is a guided missile!! Jeez that's quick.

Also looks bloody Cleanman (see what I did? eh? eh? - OK "Taxi!")

WorldClassAccident 28th March 2020 15:34

that thing is a guided missile!!

Enter the motorway slip road at about 40mph and you can hit 140mph before you reach the actual motorway - apparently :-)

WorldClassAccident 28th March 2020 17:32

The noise is amazing and is why I was allowed to buy the car.

A friend of mine deals in interesting cars and knows I like Mercedes - I had a CL600 at the time. He had just picked the car up and thought he would drive round to my house to show it off. I was away from the house at the time but my wife, who is not a car lover, was at the back of the house when she heard it pull up. She ran to the front of the house to see what it was and when she saw Ian in the car she rang me. I still remember her excited voice "I don't know what it is but it sounds gorgeous and even Ian looks good in that. You can sell the silver one and buy it"

Another recent thing was when I got it serviced. The garage owner will not let anyone else work on the car and the receptionist, his wife, asked why not. The car was in the enclosed working bay and he told her to stand near by when he revved it. She quivered, went bright red and ran back to the reception. I walked back and she giggled - that is perfectly tuned to twiddle the lady bits.

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