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Vitinho 5th April 2013 09:49

Total amount of hours for the build
Hi everyone,

I would like to know if the builders of the 5Exi have a log of the hours, and if yes, what is the total amount of man hours invested in building the car.

If you don't log, do you have an estimate of the hours invested in the build process?

Thanks everyone.

bigrich 5th April 2013 18:24


I didn't log the hours in detail but circa 400 - 450 to fully build (included approx 100 hours of bodywork polishing and fettling.

Don't be under any illusions - this car isn't one that you build in a weekend.


limpabit 5th April 2013 22:26

All defends on a few factors. Skill levels, time and money you have to hand and how much you want to customise your car from standard.

If your not worried about building one from scratch, then I would consider ready built ones. You won't sell the car for what money it cost you to build it. Or would be be lucky if you so.

mike joiner 7th April 2013 20:53

build time
I have been on the go with a fairly simple build for approx a year and a half now . As others have said it is not a quick job or a money spinner that is for sure, but if you are steady and have a fair idea of what look good (as if it looks good there is a good chance it will be good ) then you should be in with a chance .The help from this site is buy far your best help, do not think it is all bad if you get an area of work to do what it is supposed to do it is great .

SDMC001 7th April 2013 21:26

Hi I built a 5EXI, I started mid 06 and registered it in September 07, as luck would have it I work a 4 day week so had a lot of time to dedicate to it. I did not fit the body work, but got Marlin to do that as I had no interest in doing that.

I would guess to allow 30 - 50 hours to strip the donor and clean / prep the parts.

250 - 300 hours to build the car assuming you dont have to keep on at the manufacturer to replace / renew poorly built parts.

The bodywork as said can take an amazing amount of hours as the finish is not that great especially when compared to other kits.

I would suggest you keep a close eye on Ebay and buy a finished one for a fraction of the cost.

I always recommend a close look at all the options, Stoneleigh will be on early May, a good place to see what the market has to offer.

Vitinho 28th January 2014 12:12

One year gone on the build with a planned first test drive for next March. We logged all the hours on the project and they are well above the 750 man hours (we are estimating still 60 for testdrive and probably more 90 for full complete). We had to redo and relocate on the chassis a lot of stuff (including the engine brackets). It has been a great (and long) learning curve. Once we test drive it, I will share photos and challenges with the group.

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