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wozzy 1st December 2018 10:06

Great job
you should be proud of yourself.

SwiftyDS 1st December 2018 12:01

Cheers guys - yes I’m really pleased with the outcome so far.

My wife even said she was impressed with how it’s turned out!

Barber 1st December 2018 12:03

Starting to look the biz now.

SwiftyDS 2nd December 2018 16:01

I decided today I had put off long enough cleaning the interior out. I started the build with all good intentions of keeping everything clean and tidy but you know how it goes you end up spending more time on a job then you don’t have time to clean up afterwards.

Anyway the interior was quite a mess not helped by having the windows wound down. Now the doors and windows are in it was a good time to clean everything up. The door handle rods are reconnected also and I just need to put the door cards back in before moving on to the coilovers.

I also tried the mats I had made nearly 2 years ago .... a bit bright the red edging I think!

SwiftyDS 5th December 2018 08:40

A quick question to fellow MRS200 builders - or anyone with Perspex windows - did you paint the inner edges black (where it sits against the door frame and the lower part where you can see the top of the MR2 through it) and if so what paint did you use?

I’ve tried a Matt black primer specially for plastics on an off cut of the Perspex (I’ve actually got macron windows as I paid extra for these with the kit) and it’s not bonded very well. I don’t really want to have to rub the edge of the window down.

Any ideas or tips?

Many thanks

wozzy 5th December 2018 15:57

Before you put the paint on did you use Adhesion Aid? as it gives a surface for the paint to bond too

SwiftyDS 5th December 2018 16:41

No Wozzy didn’t try that - will get some and give it a go. Cheers

Nostromo 6th December 2018 11:23

The cars looking great! Even with the flash lines on there still. Funnily enough, my wife said exactly the same thing followed by, "Is there definitely no way it could be the little MR2 again?" :icon_confused:

Dave, what seats have you got in there? Haven't seen a half leather option before... are they from a celica? I cleaned mine out a few weeks ago and what a difference it made!! I like the mats... they'd suit my red interior if you're thinking of chopping them in for some less noisy ones :icon_lol:

SwiftyDS 6th December 2018 17:27

Thanks Nick - I have made a start on the flash lines just still some big ones left round the back of the clam and around the air intakes and scoops.

My wife also said originally when I started the kit ... “can’t we keep it as an MR2”!!

The seats came up on eBay. Someone had them recovered and never used them and I got them for a good price. They are MR2 pre facelift seats - I actually prefer the ones without the holes anyway. I did look into the company that did them - they are based in Ornskirk and can dig the name out if you’re interested as they provided covers that could be used to replace the factory fabric covers quite easily.

Nostromo 6th December 2018 18:29

Thanks for the offer but to be honest I really like my red ones as they almost look like the original rs200 ones.

wozzy 6th December 2018 21:00

I am selling the engine conversion from badrep if any of you guys are interested
I have a ad in the for sale section

SwiftyDS 8th December 2018 11:30

Bit of a slow week this last one. I knew I wouldn’t have two clear days to do the coilovers and I really need to get the car out on the drive for this as there isn’t much room in the garage on the passenger side.

So I decided to tackle the snagging list of little bits and bobs I need to sort before the MOT.

First on the list was to fit some additional Dzus fasteners to the rear screen as I was worried the forces on this when driving at speed may push it out. Seems pretty solid now.

I then adjusted the headlights and set the aim as best I could before the MOT. The garage door test seems OK so we will see what happens when it comes to MOT time. Whilst doing this I also went back and fitted some protective covering to the wiring for the headlights and indicators.

Final job this week was to trim the lower edge of the clam. It was as it came out of the mould and catching the cat hanger. No longer catches and looks a bit neater.

Will have to see what the weather is doing this week if I can get a slot in for the coilovers.

SwiftyDS 10th December 2018 08:54

Thanks Wozzy for the tip about adhesion aid - seems to have done the trick on the off cut of macron/Perspex when I tried it over the weekend so will give it a go on the windows this week.

Another question for fellow MRS200 did you fix your mesh grilles for the ear scoops? I’ve bolted the rear clam vent grilles in and was planning on using Tigerseal to bond the mesh from the back. This looks like it should work on the vents in the front bumper but there’s not a lot of surface area to bond to in the ear scoops.

I’ve used this method before on other kits where I used wire and a piece of thin wood to hold the grille in place from the front of the panel whilst the tigerseal set, just not sure it will hold on the scoops.

Any thoughts?


wozzy 10th December 2018 11:01

Tiger seal from behind should be fine, mine were sealed in that way

SwiftyDS 10th December 2018 12:25

Thanks Wozzy

Nostromo 14th December 2018 15:01

Dave, did you get to fit your coilovers? Really want to see how it looks on the deck! I've also gone with tiger seal on all the mesh on mine. Can see the top vents at the rear being a bit of a ballache though.

SwiftyDS 14th December 2018 15:39

Hi Nick. No not had time this week to get to the coilovers and think I’m going to struggle now to get enough time before Christmas to get them swapped over - if I don’t do it next week it will definitely be done by mid January as I want it MOT’d by end Jan.

Will try to get all the other little jobs done in the next week so it’s just coilovers left.

Once there on I will post pics so you can see what the ride height looks like.

You managing to get any time to finish yours off ?

Nostromo 14th December 2018 18:37

Not really. The odd little bit here and there. Painted the subframe and crash bar, then started adding the mesh on the rear. I'm also removing the radio, ashtray etc and making a new one for a single din unit and some gauges and switches which I can do at work. Its getting to be a bit too cold to want to be outside in a very draughty garage. I was also a bit upset to see one of the local cats has got into my garage and been sleeping on the roof of the car. Two 4 inch sets of claw marks leading off the side of the car in the paint where I assume its rolled over and fell off. This would actually lead me to think it was probably my cat because he's a moron :yell: Really just need to get Christmas out of the way now.

SwiftyDS 14th December 2018 21:40

I know what you mean about the cold Nick - I’m struggling with that too even in a garage which is pretty draft proof.

Sorry to hear about the cat scratches - hopefully you can sort them out without too much difficulty.

I was going to bond my remaining mesh grilles in this afternoon but when I looked at the temps in the garage it was getting close to 1.5 degrees and I wasn’t sure the Tigerseal would set so decided I would wait until early next week when it should be a good 5-6 degrees warmer.

SwiftyDS 28th December 2018 19:07

I had the best of intentions before Christmas to finish off a number of little jobs ahead of fitting the coilovers in the New Year. You know how it goes, lots of visitors, last minute shopping trips and drinks etc ... so much so that absolutely nothing got ticked off the remaining to do list!

What I did become increasingly aware of though as I went in and out of the garage storing the many boxes that came with presents or went with presents that eventually need recycling was the sunstrip just didn’t seem to look right the more I looked at it. I think it’s not deep enough in the centre of the screen as it follows the curve of the MR2 windscreen.

Can I ask for some input from fellow MRS200 builders and others ... do you think it would look better deeper in the middle and more squared off?

Here’s what it looks like now ....

And with a bit of picture editing what I think it would eventually look better as ....

Any thoughts and feedback would be great. Many thanks

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