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retro200 3rd December 2016 13:07

cheers paul will post more pics of my build shortly

SwiftyDS 3rd December 2016 13:13

Thanks Mick for the pictures and the offer of help - I'd seen some earlier pics on the MRS200 Facebook page

wozzy 4th December 2016 09:04


Originally Posted by retro200 (Post 84617)
here,s a few pics of my completed mrs200 if any of you guys need any tips/advice on your builds give me a shout ,mick

Looking very nice,
what are the spots? and were they a easy fit in the pod?

retro200 4th December 2016 12:00

hi wozzy lamps in bonnet pod are 4x hella rallye 1000 spots with 160w bulbs lamps in front panal are hella rallye 1000 fogs i noticed some of you guys are wondering what wheel/tyre combination to fit i used 16 x8 et25 ultralite rs polished rim black centres with225x45 x16 toyo proxes all round , 20mm spacer to rear no spacer to front, wheels line up nice with arches i tried it with 25mm to rear and 20mm to front but it didnt look right tyres where past top of arches using this wheel /tyre combo the rolling radius of the tyre remains basically the same as stock, because the wheel/tyre is wider and the side wall height is a percentage of the width the circumference does not alter that much so gearing / speedo are not affected ie if you fitted 18inch rims you would probably need to drop down to 30 or 35 series tyres to get rolling radius back there are some handy wheel /tyre calculators if you google it you simply enter your wheel/ tyre size and it works it out and shows you what it looks like including radius /circumference/offset etc

wozzy 4th December 2016 12:06

Thanks for the info

SwiftyDS 15th December 2016 18:26

Hi everyone, I finally made some time to make a start on the kit today. Nothing major to ease me into things, so made a start on the front bumper, drilled out the holes behind the number plate with black mesh panel to fit behind, cut out and fitted the front indicators (I removed the clips from Sierra units and filed back the bottom inside edge of these so they are a snug fit but removable and once painted I will add a bead of silicon to the rear so they can be removed if needed later.

When it came to fitting the front spot lights I discovered that both the lights and the Hella 3000 covers are about 1/2 inch too wide in diameter so they are not flush to the edge of the bumper (see pics).

I'm trying to aim for an authentic look as possible - Mick (Retro200) were your lights and covers smaller or did you make the recess in the bumper larger to fit them flush? Any other views on the flush versus proud look here would be appreciated.

Nostromo 16th December 2016 08:42

They look like different covers to Mick's ones. His have a tab at the bottom. You'd have thought it should still be the same size mind.

SwiftyDS 16th December 2016 08:45

They have tab at the bottom as well but I measured last night and it looks like the Hella 3000 are about 3/4 inch bigger in diameter so looks like I need to swap these for the Hella 1000s

luked2189 16th December 2016 09:08

wheel choice ideas
hi guys. just a thought on the wheel choice. i found a company that makes wheel adaptors. think there 25mm to 31mm with correct spigots to order converting the toyota 4x100 to ford 4x108 (and loads of other custom stuff) to run cossy ET25 wheels on the mr2. should be about right on the arches. a set of ford oz's or speedlines might be easier to source.

SwiftyDS 16th December 2016 10:34

Luke, I've been looking at PCD adapters as well. I thought you had to keep the number of studs/bolts the same but looks like these can also be used to go 5 x which opens up Evo and Subaru wheel options too.

There aren't many wheel choices at ET10 or lower so this is a good route as it gives you a spacer as well as the PCD conversion.

Which company have you been looking at to source the adapters ? I'd been looking at Superforma but then found something on another forum about one of their adapters cracking on a car.

retro200 16th December 2016 11:46

re - spot lights
1 Attachment(s)
hi swifty ds the correct hella lights for front panal are rallye 1000 lamps as per original rs 200 availiable with either fog or spot or driving lamp lenses dia 190mm outside cover dia 195mm with tabs top and bottom have a look at ebay item number 131565577764 these are the ones you need keep an eye on ebay cos plenty second hand ones seem to come up tends to get a bit expensive when you need 6 of em at 70-80 quid a pop ,mine where all new old stock i they also fit the lamp pod as well they just need some brackets making and a bit trimming off the back of the plastic tab on the cover at the bottom so they sit back flush with the front of the pod cover i think ford must have desighned the front panal around these lamps because when you look at the black areas on the covers they line through with the lines in the front panal if you see what i mean see pic Attachment 4069

retro200 16th December 2016 11:48

re lights
ps lamps in bonnet pod have tabs at bottom only soz for any confusion

Nostromo 16th December 2016 12:14

In case you didn't see it on my page, these will fit the MR2. I'm lookin at getting some 40mm ones for the rear of mine soon

SwiftyDS 16th December 2016 12:19

Thanks Mick for the lamp info

SwiftyDS 16th December 2016 12:19

Thanks Nick for the spacer info

retro200 16th December 2016 12:25

also these lights +covers fit inside the hole in the front panal i would get correct lights those 3000s you have shown in your pic look too big they should fit inside the hole with covers flush with the front i made some brackets that run down the back top to bottomspanning the hole bolted thru f/glass with a tab coming forward to pick up on lamp bracket at the bottom you can then adjust them up- down +left to right using the original lamp bracket it needs a slot cutting i f/glass at bottom front edge to let the tab on the lamp at the bottom sit back you can just see this in last pic (above) i made the cut out about 4mm wider than lug on lamp each side hope this helps mick

retro200 16th December 2016 12:57

re wheel spacers
nick, be carefull with your choice of wheel spacers it all depends on the "et"of your new wheels ,mine are 4x 100 pcd 16x8 et 25 as opposed to the et45 std mr2 ive only got 20 mm spacers in the back none in front any more than this they stick out too far looked a bit "carlos fandango" i understand if your changing the bolt pattern (pcd) then you will need spacers front and rear to alter the pcd, just remember to alter offset on the wheels to suit you may need to go to around 35 to 40 et , try googling "wheel offset calculator" theres some tables you can fill in your wheel tyre size offset dia width etc to see different options it shows you outline images of how the changes look, its very helpfull, mick .

ned 17th December 2016 17:38


Originally Posted by Nostromo (Post 84842)
In case you didn't see it on my page, these will fit the MR2. I'm lookin at getting some 40mm ones for the rear of mine soon

re Freaky Parts hub centric spacers ,i used 50mm on the rear of my 250 GTO and found them to be well made good luck with the build

SwiftyDS 6th January 2017 18:48

I finally got round to starting to remove the MR2 panels this week. Surprised me how painless it was to remove the front end (bonnet, wings, bumpers and lights). Back wings were a bit more work but all panels are off now so that just leaves the soft top and door mirrors then I will start with the front and rear frames to support the bodywork and start to trial fit the panels.

I ended up swapping the Hella 3000 driving lights for Hella 1000s (thanks Mick).

Need to source a set of wheels before I do final fixing of the panels particularly rear clam. Think I've settled on gloss white Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 in 17 inch with a 20mm stagger between rear and front tyre width.

retro200 6th January 2017 19:50

looks like your making progress ,thats the easy bit done, now comes the hard (but rewarding) bit, putting it all together < enjoy > ,joking aside you will find its all a pretty good fit andy/chris/tribute did a proper job with the mouldings i was impressed with thek kit, you cant go far wrong fitting it, have fun,:thumb: mick

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