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SwiftyDS 28th December 2019 10:55

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone and an early Happy New Year.

Managed to get the car out today for the first time in a couple of weeks. Great fun and managed to get a couple of different location pics.

Had to get a couple of provisions from the shops on route and must have spent about 10 mins in the car park when I got back to the car talking to the onlookers and photo takers - I need to do better at factoring the attention it gets into my route planning!

molleur 28th December 2019 15:27

Looking fantastic!

wozzy 29th December 2019 19:28

Looking great Dave

Munky 30th December 2019 15:48


SwiftyDS 30th December 2019 17:17

Thanks guys

SwiftyDS 4th January 2020 09:38

On one of my recent trips out when I was parked up someone mentioned there was one of the original 1986 Rally Spec cars up for sale for over 500,000.

Found this on YouTube last night showing the same car ....

Not sure if I had that kind of money I would actually spend it on a real RS200 - reckon I’ve spent less than a 50th of that price getting mine to where it is today - nowhere near the same performance but puts a smile on my face :-)

IanA 4th January 2020 11:26


Originally Posted by SwiftyDS (Post 103154)
... puts a smile on my face :-)

That's certainly why I'm here.

BTW- congrats on a super job.

SwiftyDS 5th January 2020 22:36

Thanks IanA

SwiftyDS 25th April 2020 22:28

Realised today it was the end of December 2019 when I last had the MRS200 out on the road but worse than that, it was then when it was last started!

I wouldn’t take it out on the road in lockdown but felt it was time it to get it out on the drive and start it up and let the engine come up to temperature. As always the MR2 engine fired first time.

I also used the opportunity of having it out from underneath the indoor cover to sort out a couple of the rear screen fixings which weren’t sitting properly and worried me that eventually the whole rear screen might pop out at speed!

Apart from fitting the spot lamp and cover on the bonnet there’s not a lot left to do on it now. So much so I’ve turned my attention during lockdown to converting an ICE motorbike to electric which you can just see in the pic here.....

Must say had loads of fun doing this and not much more to do but put the fairings and plastics back on it. That said I need the lockdown restrictions to ease a bit before I can take it out on the road for some fine tuning of the controller and battery set up.

wozzy 5th May 2020 13:52

that's a bit different

SwiftyDS 5th May 2020 17:30

Definitely is Wozzy. Just about finished now ......

Need to get it out on the road to tune the battery and controller - pretty amazing just what you can do with battery amps, controller phase amps, throttle response etc! For now during lockdown though it’s all about doing this on the paddock stand in the garage ..... this is about 60% throttle with battery amps set at about 40% of peak capacity....

I’m now tempted after the bike conversion to find a single seater reverse trike I can convert to electric ... already started looking for a suitable petrol engined donor :-)

Paul L 10th May 2020 14:40

Car is looking good and the electric bike sounds insane. :cool:

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