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Mick O'Malley 12th July 2021 15:57


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 106621)
... next weekends big event at Shelsley Walsh, I'm going on the Sunday !

If you fit black and white/silver plates you can pose on the front row :biggrin: .

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 12th July 2021 16:17


Originally Posted by Hiwex (Post 106633)
That’s interesting, I’d have thought registering a rebody would invalidate tax exemption? Mines a 63 Vitesse based build that’ll come together over this winter, it’s on SORN and still registered as a Triumph.

It's the chassis that counts and that it remains unmodified. That's also the reason you don't need an IVA test. The DVLA regs identify it as the original car, despite the replacement body. Also the year of manufacture remains that of the donor car, not the rebody date, hence the exemptions. That's my understanding anyway, don't quote me !!

Hiwex 12th July 2021 18:27

Thanks, I’ll tread carefully, I’ve mixed experiences at best with DVLA!

Lucky@LeMans 12th July 2021 19:05

Make sure you fill in the V627/1 form correctly , provide a receipt for the kit, some before and after photo's , you should be ok !

redratbike 12th July 2021 21:13

i see it’s now for sale

what’s next?

Lucky@LeMans 12th July 2021 22:20

Not sure ! Plenty of jobs around the house need doing, lol !

redratbike 13th July 2021 10:42


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 106644)
Not sure ! Plenty of jobs around the house need doing, lol !

ha ha

earn the brownie points then pick a project

Lucky@LeMans 13th July 2021 12:22

Yes, that's about right !!

Lucky@LeMans 13th July 2021 20:27


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 106635)
If you fit black and white/silver plates you can pose on the front row :biggrin: .

Regards, Mick

Getting to the venue at 6.00am works in your case Mick !!

Lucky@LeMans 16th July 2021 20:55

Got the car back from the body shop today, buffed to perfection !!
I gave the 38 DGAS Webber carb a service as well and its running sweet as a nut !

Lucky@LeMans 18th July 2021 17:40

3 Attachment(s)
The Classic Nostalgia event at Shelsley Walsh today attracted some great cars, both in the competitive hill climb and in the spectator area.
When I arrived I was parked next to an immaculate, original AC Ace. Most of the competition cars were 60's, 70's and 80's plus a few earlier ones and specials. A Cummings powered Railton Special was the car for me. 6.6 litre with supercharger and turbo charger in series ! Apparently 950nm of torque at 1500 rpm ! The guy wasn't shy to drive it hard either !

JG 18th July 2021 23:40

Very very smart :thumb:

Mick O'Malley 19th July 2021 06:10


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 106661)
A Cummings powered Railton Special was the car for me. 6.6 litre with supercharger and turbo charger in series !

This one?

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 19th July 2021 07:44

That's the one !
Where were you Mick, thought you had tickets ?

Mick O'Malley 21st July 2021 10:25


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 106664)
That's the one !
Where were you Mick, thought you had tickets ?

I did have a ticket, but I'm heavily committed building a fence along the side of my daughter's garden next door. It's the triplet of the ones I built either side of my own garden. However, this was over ten years ago and it seems that the 9' concrete H posts and 12" concrete gravel boards have got a lot heavier over the years. Anyway, I had a touch too much sun on Saturday and the thought of being stuck in a traffic jam in the Monaco on the way back tipped the scales :( .

More on the Railton here (towards the bottom of the page).

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 21st July 2021 19:57

Everyone was melting by the close on Sunday !
Prescott Vintage Sports Car club event is on the 7 - 8 August, I've booked the Saturday, maybe not so hot for that one !

Lucky@LeMans 27th July 2021 17:45

I've got my car listed on ebay and the car&classic website. Lots of interest and page views ! The car needs to be seen in the flesh, the reaction at Shelsley was extremely positive and I wouldn't be surprised if I don't get a sale at one of the shows coming up.
The price I'm asking is £35k but obviously open to offers ! Having spoken with Gary he suggested that I'm in the right ball park but so few Scimitar based examples have come to the market its hard to value., we will see !

Mister Towed 27th July 2021 19:54

I was hoping to see your car at Shelsey Walsh, I was there on the Sunday and looked all over but just couldn't find it. It was a really good day out anyway so thanks for the recommendation.

Good luck with the sale :)

Lucky@LeMans 27th July 2021 21:58

I parked on the edge of the spectator parking in the morning then moved into the club area for the afternoon. See the photos I posted above to work out where I was !
Plenty more events coming up, Shelsley again this Sunday , Prescott, Tewkesbury and Broadway coming up in the next few weeks too. Might see you at one of those. I've posted more details in the General Chat section. For the Sunday event this week.

Mister Towed 28th July 2021 21:19

Think I need to go to Specsavers. Will keep a look out more carefully if I'm able to get to any of the other events :)

Lucky@LeMans 1st August 2021 16:58

Getting lots of interest in the car today at my second visit to Shelsley Walsh. Another great day out and sun came out from mid day which was a bonus following the damp start to the day. I spent a lot of time talking to people interested in the car. A couple asked if it was a Formosa whilst others were talking about Tribute Automotive kits, so some are well informed ! To most the rebody concept remains a mystery but were impressed with the concept and what they saw !
The Prescott vintage meeting is on next Saturday, I'll try and get there early so I might get parked in the paddock area with any luck !

Lucky@LeMans 18th August 2021 10:24

A quick walk around and driving video taken yesterday.

Jaguartvr 18th August 2021 11:00

Looks very nice, the paintwork looks superb.
It is however crying out for the perspex headlight covers and trims.
Good luck with the sale.
I wouldn't go with the classic car auction site, eBay is a better bet.
2 tribute 250 coupes have just sold
First a gunmetal 2.0 with 135k on the clock, poor interior, odd wire wheels (3 smooth and 1 curly hub sold for £18300 on ebay.

The other was a yellow (love it or hate it) with 101k. Nice build but bog standard BMW wheels with fake spinners (big let down) went for £13500 on the classic auction site.

Lucky@LeMans 18th August 2021 12:08

Thanks Steve, the car looks great and the video is better than a few photos.
I've got it listed on ebay currently and a blue Triumph based example has just sold for the same price I'm asking.. I've got a pair of head light covers but I'm in two minds whether to fit them, perhaps the new owner will !

Jaguartvr 22nd August 2021 08:51

When selling on eBay, list it in the "Kit Car" section. It is normally only 2 pages so isn't much to look through.
When you have to start looking through "Classic Cars" and "Other Cars" the list becomes too long. If someone is after a kit car, whatever the make that is where they will search. Anyone who is looking for a "Formosa GR120" will find it easily by searching for the exact wording.
I wonder how many people searching for a Cobra settle on something else that they hadn't even realise existed.
Spread the net wider (but fit the perspex headlight covers!).
I can never find any of the Tribute adverts without really looking as they are listed under "classic cars"

Lucky@LeMans 22nd August 2021 20:24

Managed to get to two events in the car today. One thing has struck me is that the most interested people who see the car aren't actually looking to buy online, or even looking for cars for sale ! Most seem to be well heeled types that might just buy a car on a whim ! Three people have taken my details today after spending half an hour or so talking about the car. None of them seem to be the time wasting types so it will just take one to come up with an offer. Same has happened over the last couple of weeks, lots of interest in general.
No shortage of page views and watchers on my ebay page. The "kitcar" section only appears to attract kitcar buyers , the "classic" buyers are bigger in number and tend to appreciate the value in a home built special. I checked out the kitcar section earlier and whilst there are one or two nice Cobra's and a well built Ferrari Dino most of the cars are older 7's and the like. Also a few Dutton's and part built projects along with a fair bit of dross so I think I'll stick with the "classic" section !

Lucky@LeMans 27th August 2021 09:31

I've reduced the price a little to try and temp an offer ! Gary says he couldn't build one to this spec for the money I'm asking so i won't be dropping it further !

Lucky@LeMans 18th September 2021 16:34

The car is entered into auction next Saturday.

AlanHogg 28th September 2021 16:51

Posted as sold for less than £14000. Must have been a bit of a blow as asking double that at Stoneleigh.

Lucky@LeMans 29th September 2021 00:13

Auction was a disaster, never again !

redratbike 29th September 2021 12:05


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 106905)
Auction was a disaster, never again !

so was it up for no reserve ?

Lucky@LeMans 24th October 2021 15:54

This car is doing the rounds, not for keeps, one to be bought and sold. Same auction house I used, a copied and pasted text from my auction description, I wish the seller luck !!
I'm not bitter and twisted, honest !!

Lucky@LeMans 12th November 2021 19:02

Also in the same auction is the Daimler Maserati I mentioned in a previous post.

Lucky@LeMans 27th November 2021 12:56

£61k for the Daimler Maserati, the Formosa didn't sell.

deni 6th December 2021 10:41

Hi Lucky,

Can I ask please what kind of Aluminium you have used for your interior and how thick it was?
Also, did you use aluminium or steel rivets to attach it to a steel frame?


Lucky@LeMans 6th December 2021 17:39

I used 20 swg for most of the panels, I think I used 18swg for the bulkhead. This was bought from my local stockist, not sure what grade it was, just what was available. None of it is structural in a Formosa and is easy to work with compared to heavier gauges. There wasn't much choice as lock down was causing supply issues for steel, aluminium and just about everything else ! I also used aluminium rivets on this occasion.

deni 6th December 2021 23:35

Thank you Lucky, your Formosa looked fantastic and raw aluminium interior looked really good in my opinion.

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