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SDMC001 4th September 2016 17:46

Another Marlin on Ebay
Trawling the Ebay.

bigrich 7th September 2016 20:57

been on and off a few times this one.

From memory it was showed by Marlin at the Exeter show some years ago....looks a good build that needs some tidying up.

4k would be a good buy in my opinion

Marlin T16 13th December 2016 21:05

Its now parked in my garage, and keeping my T16 turbo Marlin company😎😎

bigrich 13th December 2016 22:47

Wow! - I reckon you must be the only '2 exi' household in the UK.

...glutton for punishment ;)

Marlin T16 13th December 2016 23:23

Yes I must be, going to do a engine swap over the winter I think.

limpabit 17th December 2016 18:32

What engine is in it and what you swapping it for?

Marlin T16 17th December 2016 19:14

Its just got a 1.6k series, with a dyno sheet for 110bhp, still quite nippy, plenty of grip, puts its power down well.
I did a 0 to 60mph test, took just 6 seconds.
Ive been reading up on your car, I like the look of your video,s etc, so may go 1.8t vw/tt, but just go for a stock 225bhp engine, then a remap to 260bhp if I need more power.

limpabit 21st December 2016 18:04

Is a good choice of engine. Marlin used this engine with the VW gearbox. But I could not fit the 6 speed gearbox in my older chassis. So rebuilt the PG1 with steel caged bearings. Has put up with plenty of abuse so far. Think the torsen diffs are a bit of a waste. It spins both wheels with ease anyway.

Good luck with the build. Post lots of pictures and updates :)

Marlin T16 21st December 2016 21:04

Thanks will keep updating.
I was hoping to fit the 6 speed box, but looks like thats a no go.
Might have a look at fitting the 5 speed vw box and some custom drive shafts?

limpabit 21st December 2016 21:15

Depends on how old the chassis is. May get the 6 speed in there.

Did think about the 5 speed vw box. But decided to stay with the Rover box, linkages off an MGF, v6 rover 400 equal length shafts. Make life easier with linkage.
Shafts needed lengthening slightly though. Would probably have been just as easy converting to 5 speed vw though with custom linkage and shafts. Clutch was already converted to hydraulic.

Marlin T16 21st December 2016 21:36

The chassis is a 2005 registered in 2006 so I am not sure if thats a early chassis or not, looks the same as my other T16 engined Marlin, apart from that has a stronger rear end frame box section.

limpabit 22nd December 2016 04:49

Think it was around 2010 when Marlin started the design with the VW engine. So sounds like you might have the older chassis. But might be worth giving them a call.

brigidc8 22nd December 2016 16:42

Really nice car. If I saw this earlier would have considered buying this also for 4k :)

Marlin T16 26th January 2017 03:31

I've got my engine a low mileage 225 bhp APX 1.8T, need to sort a 5 speed vw box clutch flywheel and drive shafts etc the list goes on!!!

limpabit 26th January 2017 04:39

Yes just the start of the list depending on power your aiming for. 300 ish is about the limit for standard internals.
ECU, turbo, chargecooler, injectors, exhaust to name a few more.....
I also opted for a baffled dump and oil cooler on advise...

Marlin T16 26th January 2017 07:16

I think 260/70bhp is my goal, sticking with the standard ko4s turbo that's with it and injectors.
Going to try running it on the stock ecu, remapped with immobilizer delete.
G60 flywheel and vr6 clutch with a 5 speed vw box.
All a learning curve though, so no doubt I will be asking you for a bit of advice along the way.

limpabit 26th January 2017 07:34

Think carefully about ECU. This is the right time to decide which way before wiring!!

Might add additional costs at this stage from a standard one, but has a whole host of advantages. Like data logging and diags without the need for a VAGCOM, boost control. Even cones with a vase map for engine. Will need a manual throttle body and accelerator cable run.

Not sure on how much boost the k04s can take from standard 7psi. But with after market, can change via ECU instead of going manual boost controller. I'm running 19 psi with the T28. Limit I've been told is 23. Getting the courage this year to try it. Already done boost map. Just need to download it and try!! Needs a rolling road check up so might wait until then.

Have a look here

Marlin T16 26th January 2017 09:07

The ko4s is the big turbo and runs at 14psi standard, and will run up to 22psi no problem, I was hoping to keep the dbw throttle as I've got the pedal and the complete engine loom.
But it's still early days yet, I've had a look at those ecu's in your link thanks, more food for thought😨 as wiring is not my strong point😕

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