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Mister Towed 17th March 2015 19:53

Mister Towed's SWB 250GT SEFAC build.
Feeling a bit guilty about thread-jacking Geoff and Bob's SWB builds, so I decided it's probably a good idea to start my own now that I've begun the process of buying in the parts I'll be needing.

The decision to build a SWB is a no-brainer for me - I need a 'sensible' classic car for rainy days when it's too wet to enjoy driving my Spyder, and the Ferrari 250GT SWB Berlinetta is just one of the most beautiful coupes I've ever seen.

With auction prices coming in at around $10,000,000 to $20,000,000 for the real thing, even a non-rollover Euromillions win wouldn't be enough to bag one, so a close-enough-to-fool-most-people Tribute to the model will do me nicely.

This build may be either quick or slow. I anticipated a six-month build for my Spyder and it actually took two years, but the reason for the rather vague timespan this time is down to my finances - I may be able to afford a donor and kit in a couple of months, or I might have to wait until early 2017.

Either way I will be building one and I have every confidence that Chris at Tribute will still be producing the kit if I have to wait another 21 months before putting a deposit down.

I'm aiming to keep this to a (fairly) strict budget of around £7,500 but will spend less if I can. I'll be keeping a spreadsheet to monitor my expenditure and the hours I put in, and will try to remember to add a tally to my updates as I go along.

I'll be using the images from this site as a handy reference throughout -

Anyway, I'll post plenty of pics and am always open to suggestions/advice regarding whatever I happen to be doing.

So, a few pics to get started with starting with seats and wheels -

Spend so far:

Wheels (BMW 5 series 6.5 x 15 ET20 steels) £78.00

Seats (black leather Rover 45 saloon, rear seats included and the leather from them will be used for door/dash trim) - £100.00

Total spend to date - £178.00

Total hours expended 1.5 (plus about 2,000 surfing the 'net for ideas).

More later. :high5:

davecymru 17th March 2015 20:24

COOL! Good luck matey :)

hurnleft 17th March 2015 21:51

Looks good so far and using imaginary parts should help keep the cost down!

Cheers, Bob.

IanA 17th March 2015 22:12


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 64563)

Way to go- living the dream !!!

froggyman 18th March 2015 06:16

Nice start 'Towed'. I am sure this thread will have many readers.
Steering wheel next then!
P.S. Not too sure on carpet choice though!! LOL.

Paul L 18th March 2015 08:33

[Blockbuster Voice Over]

Coming to a garage near you soon...

First they brought you the Emperor' new clothes...

Now they bring you the Emperor's new Ferrari 250 SWB...

It is going to be EPIC!

[/Blockbuster Voice Over]


Well Mister Towed, your first build thread was a great read and a big inspiration. :cool:

Based on the speed of DaveCymru's Miglia build, your Spyder building experience will be a big help on this project.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Scottie22 18th March 2015 08:39

Wow! where on earth did you get that blow-up doll? It looks so much like you!! :-)

Scottie22 18th March 2015 08:41

P.S. You get that 6mm drill bit into those Dunlop look alikes!

GazDavies 18th March 2015 12:53

I like both the wheels and seats, great buys. Now no more posts please until I have built my car as I get the feeling that my simple build will change based on what I see others doing.

WorldClassAccident 18th March 2015 14:39

Looks as complete as it needs to be for these guys :

reneanglia 18th March 2015 18:28

It looks like the wheelbase is a bit too short and you need a flatcap.....

Scottie22 18th March 2015 19:12

Rene! You've got a"thing" about flat caps!!

reneanglia 18th March 2015 19:46


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 64631)
Rene! You've got a"thing" about flat caps!!

Yeah i have.
As i like to go at classic shows with one of my cars i always have a kind of quizz with the missus and the question is:does the driver of that car wears a flatcap and a plus-four..........
Most of the flatcap brigade drivers are a bit"up-nose" and talking with a hot potato in their throat,they drive mostly Ferrari,Jag or british sportscars.
They try to act very british like they are an old WW2 spitfire pilot-colonel or something complete with a RAF moustache..........but they are as dutch as wooden shoes or cannabis........
Always have a laugh when i see this posers.

y cymro 18th March 2015 19:50


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 64631)
Rene! You've got a"thing" about flat caps!!

Could have been worse, Mr T could have been wearing a Dutch cap, eh Rene? :smile:

redratbike 19th March 2015 12:07

side repeaters to sit on the shelf ready for the build??

jones 19th March 2015 12:34


Originally Posted by reneanglia (Post 64635)
Most of the flatcap brigade drivers are a bit"up-nose" and talking with a hot potato in their throat,they drive mostly Ferrari,Jag or british sportscars.

Best I don't rock up to any shows in my Jag then(albeit not a sports car although it does destroy most 'hot hatches') - luckily no flat cap either!

WorldClassAccident 19th March 2015 12:53

Me working on the seating position for my Scimitar conversion. There may have been beer and flying caps involved

reneanglia 19th March 2015 15:10

Ah......a flying hemet........where is the wet sellery?

WorldClassAccident 19th March 2015 16:08

where is the wet celery?

Where do you think with that silly grin on my face?!?

BTW - an old and basic car!

Mister Towed 19th March 2015 16:24


Originally Posted by reneanglia (Post 64666)
Ah......a flying hemet........where is the wet sellery?

Rene - Yvette, can you 'old my balls for a moment?

Yvette - Oh, Reneee!

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