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kenmorton 31st March 2014 19:03

Vortex insurance
Hi all,

quick question - who do you get your insurance from?

Got to look around as I have just had my renewal email and instead of a nice reasonable price like the last 4 years with the same brokers/company with no claims at all they have said they cannot cover me anymore!

Actually I think it is more that are not bothering with kit car insurance at all rather than just me but it's still a bit annoying.

chrislandy 31st March 2014 19:07

Last time I did the Shelsley I went with Frank Pickles, AIB Insurance is another one to try (although I haven't got a quote from them yet)

kenmorton 31st March 2014 19:23

Ta for that,

policy was through Frank Pickles with KGM insurance.

chrislandy 31st March 2014 20:11

hmm... may have to look around then come renewal time!

Oddly enough I jut had this with my PI insurance too, loads of insurers pulled out of Structural Engineering this year for some reason

EddyP 2nd April 2014 06:48

HI Ken,

Hope you're well!

Last year I went with Adrian Flux, their full insurance was cheaper than the parts only cover from pickles.
£210 iirc.

kenmorton 2nd April 2014 21:33

Ta Ed,

was with flux before pickles so will give them a call. Did the Vortex owners club get a discount?

Won't be at Stoneleigh this year - will be away on holiday in up volcanos in Scicily and Aeolian islands. Are you planning on attending any other shows?

EddyP 6th April 2014 22:53

I think there was a 10% discount for our owners club.

Poor timing on the holiday ;)

Not sure which other shows I'll be going to, will have to see whats on, might get to a few Piston Heads Sunday Services at some point.

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