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ChrisS 29th June 2015 20:43

Marlin additional parts for Sportster
i realise that I will probably get as many different views on this as there are people who have built a Sportster, but which of the additional parts that Marlin offer above the base modules are worth getting?
Some are obviously down to personal taste, but assume there are some must haves, OK, and don't bother source yourself items.
Any views greatly appreciated as I am trying to pull my order additions together over next week.


MartinClan 29th June 2015 21:27

Assuming tge options haven't changed since I built mine....

Windscreen is pretty essential unless you plan to use aero screens... Its quite well made.

I dont think I would buy their fuel tank again as it has no baffles which is a pain.

Most other non marlin specific bits you can probably source elsewhere.

And unless it has vastly improved I wouldnt bother with the chassis powder coating. Mine - err - wasnt very good....

I bought the tonneau. Its quite good but I think you could get a better made one from a coach trimmer. I didnt bother with a hood.

Cheers, Robin

morris 3rd July 2015 11:23

Last time I spoke to Marlin, Terry told me they were moving to a model where they concentrated on the core kit and supplied a list of recommended components for builders to source separately. She said they could still supply a complete set of parts for those who really wanted it but that it would work out more expensive (obviously as they will put a markup on things).

On that basis, I'd keep the parts you get from Marlin down to the must have items to fit the kit such as the windscreen (if you want one that is). I can't think of anything else that won't then be down to your personal taste or the particular requirements of the engine installation. Things like the instruments, wiring looms, swirl pot, fuel pumps, senders, lights, exhaust etc really need to be specified to line up with your particular car rather than a generic kit.

GreatOldOne 3rd July 2015 17:04

I agree with Morris - I bought only the things I really needed from Marlin (bodywork, chassis, windscreen and the front upright modification that they needed to do for an E30 car), and sourced everything else from the following places:

Lights - Stafford Vehicle Components (SVC)
Assorted Parts - Car Builder Solutions (CBS)
Brightwork & Other Parts ETB Instruments
Seats - Interiors Seating
Electrical Cable and Connectors Vehicle Wiring

Plus keeping an eye out on eBay.

ChrisS 4th July 2015 17:49

Thanks all.

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