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Scottie22 1st December 2016 21:52

One two or three holes Degsy, it doesn't really matter as long as whatever you choose stops water getting in the boot!

Rock on! Its looking good.

deggsy 1st December 2016 22:06

Getting there slow but sure (almost)

deggsy 7th December 2016 21:35

Almost finished the boot lid mods just a lot of sanding filling sanding etc etc my D.A. decided to give in just when I needed
it most as usual so blocking by hand until a new backing disk arrives I also fitted the boot lid lock (not in the pic)

deggsy 17th December 2016 20:23

Not a lot happening at the moment the boot lid is finished apart from final sanding.

And I have been reworking the door looking pins I didn't like the single pin arrangement too east to snag your clothes on. I expect I'll be refining them in any spare time I have over Christmas.
Sorry about the fuzzy photo.

Paul L 18th December 2016 06:34

Deggsy - Even a little bit of progress is better than nothing, as it all counts. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

deggsy 18th December 2016 11:19

Very true Paul I'm getting there slowly.

deggsy 31st December 2016 11:42

No work done on the car over Christmas but I have managed to make some space in the garage I realised some time ago that I didn't have enough room to fit the front end so after moving storage lockers and throwing out of that stuff you keep in case you might need it one day I have managed to create a bit of room.
just about enough to fit and work on the front end.

deggsy 9th January 2017 16:01

I finished the door locking pins over Christmas and they seem to work quite well now. As I said before I am changing the twin 1 .1/2" carbs for a single 1.3/4 SU whilst waiting for the carb and re-build kit to arrive I made a heat shield out of a couple of bits of ally.
I've also sent for a grinding bit too open the inlet manifold out to 1.3/4.
I had a small disaster I've lost the cap for the alloy rocker cover so I've reverted back to the tin one for now doh!

deggsy 14th January 2017 15:59

I started modifying the inlet manifold the carb side was quite easy only a small amount of metal to take off but the head side ho boy in the end I used a stepper drill opening up the ports to 32mm then grind them flush.
When I removed the twin carbs I found out the manifold gasket was blowing in about half a dozed places probably why I couldn't tune them but being a stubborn git? I will press on with the single carb setup.
Once I now it is running properly I will sell the twin carb setup should be a nice buy for someone as it will come with stainless steel heat shield and filters.

deggsy 21st January 2017 16:13

This is my new carby setup a single 1.3/4 Su running but not properly yet I need a different needle and jet and having issues getting the right ones :exclaim: in the mean time ill have to make a throttle bracket for it.
also started planning the flip up bonnet brackets.
I will update you on them later.

Paul L 22nd January 2017 07:08

Deggsy - Good to see you are still chipping away. :cool:


Originally Posted by deggsy (Post 85563)
...also started planning the flip up bonnet brackets...

I remember how happy I was when I was able to hinge my bonnet open for the first time. :D

Good luck, Paul. :)

deggsy 22nd January 2017 21:16

Getting there slowly!

deggsy 1st February 2017 20:39

Started making the brackets for the bonnet I have also got a pair of locost suspension arm bracket ends which will be the swivels unfortunately the bonnet is quarter mile away in a lockup so cant be finished until I get it into my garage.
I couldn't get the right needle for the 1. 3/4 su then this came up on eBay it cost 100 less than just the inlet manifold and linkage for my side draught weber so I bit the bullet and went for it just waiting for some stainless pipe and it will be done.
I've got a sneaky feeling I'll have to put a bonnet bulge in though:icon_question:
Trouble is I bust my budget so I'll have to sell a few bits and pieces ho joy soon:violin:

Mister Towed 2nd February 2017 06:51

Keep up the good work and don't worry too much about adding the odd bulge or scoop. Racing cars of the period are often covered in them as the car was dynamically developed in the pits. At risk of getting into a silly 'I've found one with more scoops' arms race, I'd say the inspiration for my Spyder, the Lancia D24, probably has the most afterthought holes, scoops, flaps and bulges that I've come across -

Period pictures also show that these cars often ran with a radiator blind, which looked suspiciously like half a dustbin lid, blanking off half the front grille, presumably for use in cold weather.

Looking round the 50's race cars at Goodwood, Snetterton etc., the bodywork and paint on the originals often really isn't very good. After all, they weren't intended as show quality cars, they were built to win races.

deggsy 2nd February 2017 14:58

Very true the odd bulge or intake here ant there adds a bit of character to the cars.

deggsy 8th February 2017 21:22

Finished making the bonnet brackets today looks good but
as always with welding thing move due to the heat and where as it all fitted perfectly before I now have gaps which will have to be filled somehow before the bonnet can be bonded into place
I did think of cutting and welding again but that could make things worst??
I couldn't get a decent photo of the bonnet in place the garage is to small but It looks too high so a bit more suspension lowering may be needed (at a later date)
bye for now
Deggsy :noidea:

deggsy 16th February 2017 16:26

The bonnet is lined up and partially glassed into place lot's more glass fibre reinforcing to be added over the next few days, and a bonus there is enough clearance for the carb (just)

deggsy 4th March 2017 16:54

I managed to finish reinforcing the bonnet supports today it was done with a combination of fibreglass paste and 3" woven glass tape for added strength.
Not very pretty but it will look better after spraying with some body guard (I hope)

Mister Towed 4th March 2017 17:53

So long as it's strong enough does it really matter what it looks like?

deggsy 4th March 2017 18:03

Only time will tell on that one Mr.T

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