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deggsy 2nd March 2016 13:25

Sanding the worst most boring part of any build but so essential to get it right for the brilliant finish you require good luck I'll be in the same boat eventually!

Paul L 3rd March 2016 05:42

Deggsy - Hope all goes well with bonding the body shell on. :pray:

As I know that was a key stage in my own build.

All the panel work you have done looks good. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

deggsy 5th March 2016 19:34

Well it's done right or wrong the shell is bonded to the frame and there's no way of changing it now next job is bonding the boot floor and figuring out the inner rear wheel arches?

deggsy 14th March 2016 18:05

Started on the endplates the front ones are pretty straight forward
bonded and riveted in place
The rear end plates and inner wings are a little more complicated
I hade to make the rear end plates in two pars too fiddly otherwise?
bottom half in place.
top half tomorrow then I'll start on the inner wing 3 panels I think? then the other side after they are sprayed and body guarded.

deggsy 22nd March 2016 18:28

finished the o/s rear inner wheel arches not very good photos it's a bit tight in there. they need to be painted then I'll start on the other side as soon as I can procure some more alloy sheet I've run out again!

I've also sent for some spacers to bring out the rear wheels photos when they arrive a bit

davecymru 23rd March 2016 10:05

Looking good!
And this reminds me that i've still got to panel-in my front wheelarches at some point :(

Scottie22 23rd March 2016 11:05

Coming on well Degsy!
Reminds me of when I got to that stage!

Not so long now.


deggsy 23rd March 2016 11:37

Slow but sure I hope!

deggsy 29th March 2016 08:31

Fitted the rear wheel spacers today 32mm that should worry the bearings? I wonder if anyone makes super duper heavy duty herald bearings Hmmm!

Scottie22 29th March 2016 11:45

Don't worry about the bearings Degsy!
Most of the cars I've ever owned have ended up with 32mm spacers on them, and I've never had any problems, or noticed that the bearings have worn out prematurely.
In fact I've driven hard and fast in some of the cars, and the bearings never ever wore out, and I never needed to change them! My XK has 32mm spacers too!

deggsy 29th March 2016 14:49

Scottie good too hear that all being well I'll have no problems with them. I have just arrange a trip to my local metal stockist tomorrow (36 mile round trip) to pick up another sheet of alloy last one I hope?

Scottie22 29th March 2016 17:40

Get all that ally in there!
It'll look so much better for it!
You can never have too much!!

deggsy 11th April 2016 09:18

The Inner rear wheel arches are now finished.
I thought the boot lid wouldn't fit at first but after I trial fitted the seal its looking good though I did have a few problems with the hinges wonderful stuff fibreglass just fill the holes in and try again.
I also fitted the upper harness bolts (same problem as the hinges) oops!
the doors don't fit at all and will need some serious modifications to the hinges to get them right I think Scottie had the same problem?
I can't finish the inner panelling until the doors are fitted correctly as the locks and striker plates need to be fitted first. :humble:

Scottie22 13th April 2016 15:42

Bloody hell Degsy! Reminds me of my mess!

Mine were well wrong because I lowered the body shell much more than Chris had intended, which threw the hinges miles out.

The hinges actually touched (pushed hard!) on the body inside, so had to be modified several times, but I got there in the end.

Also instead of having just two bolts connecting the doors to the hinge, I used 4, which allowed for more adjustment, but literally took hours and sometimes days to adjust right, and at present the passengers door STILL is not 100 per cent, but with all the hassle, I've learned to live with it. ( does not notice too much)
And opens and closes okay.

All in all, I'm not sure that 4 bolts was the answer to the problem,
but I'm not changing it now.....

If you look back at my build thread, I covered the subject, and had loads of pics, so that may help you. Its really work intensive stuff though. Gotta be done!
Good luck.

deggsy 14th April 2016 07:48

The joys of building a special ! I LOVE IT

Roadster 14th April 2016 08:28

I know its a bit late now but as there is movement in the body before its bonded on maybe the answer is to temporary bolting the doors securely in the shell so they align up and then bond the shell to the chassis.
Then when bonded unbolt the doors.

deggsy 14th April 2016 10:30

I never thought of that too late now though! but thanks' for the suggestion anyway.

Paul L 14th April 2016 15:09

Deggsy - First of all, great job on all the panel work you have done lately. :cool:

Then, as far as the doors are concerned, I am sure you will be able to get them to work after a bit of "cutting & shutting.

As I am still amazed how much rebuilding you can do with fibreglass.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Scottie22 14th April 2016 21:23

Degsy, I forgot to mention earlier that I had to add half and inch on the rear end of my drivers door to get a good panel fit, when I came to fit my doors, so its not just your shell.

I suppose we all build in different ways, on different chassis and frames, and the body shells flex and warp accordingly.
Pain in the bum, but it has to be addressed!

deggsy 14th April 2016 22:14

Scottie\Paul I agree with what you say I am slowly building up the courage to cut the hinges. carrying on with some more panelling in the mean time photos to follow.

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