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deggsy 28th April 2015 16:11

deggsy's A352
Hi all
I'm new to this forum thing so please excuse any mistakes in advance :humble:
I am building a herald based A352 which I ordered a few weeks ago I don't have any body panels so Chris is making me a frame to bolt it all to as well.
She is a 66 herald with a 1500 engine and overdrive box and 15" wire wheels
I am not building it as a replica just a triumph based special I'll post some photos when I figure out how?
I will post updates occasionally not as prolific as Scotties very useful guide just an update now and then.
I'll be at Stoneleigh this week end so I'll try to pop over to say hello.
See you there maybe

WorldClassAccident 28th April 2015 16:14

Hi there - hope to see you at Stoneleigh

Picture need to be stored somewhere on the internet - Google Photos for example - and then you right click on the image an select "Copy Image Location" or words to that effect.

In the post you put [img] in the text, paste the image location you copied earlier and the type [/ img] but without the space and it should work.

deggsy 28th April 2015 16:23

Ok I'll give it a try :smash:

IanA 28th April 2015 16:27


Originally Posted by deggsy (Post 66196)
... I'll post some photos when I figure out how?
I will post updates occasionally not as prolific as Scotties very useful guide just an update now and then.
I'll be at Stoneleigh this week end so I'll try to pop over to say hello.
See you there maybe

And welcome.

Find a post with a picture in and press "quote". You'll then be able to see what the HTML (the [IMG][U RL] and [/U RL][/IMG] stuff) looks like.

See you at Stoneleigh then.

deggsy 28th April 2015 16:51

I hope this works chassis so far

WorldClassAccident 28th April 2015 17:48

That silver bracket in the floor pan might need securing a bit better before you fit the bodywork...


deggsy 28th April 2015 20:20

Hmm they have been cut off now and will be re welded to the cross bar them they will bolt to the centre consul frame and two more from the top of the hoops to the rear, well that's the plan it all depends on the frame that Chris is making for me?

Tribute Automotive 28th April 2015 20:39

Hi Derek. Welcome to the Forum. I have a couple of options for borrowing a Herald chassis locally to build the frame on. I will need a few measurement from you too. Will contact you once Stoneleigh is out of the way, or may see you there.

Scottie22 28th April 2015 21:18

Hi Deggsy!
Welcome, and your car looks great already!
Puts my scruffy chassis to shame!

Keep up the posting.

Paul L 29th April 2015 07:31

deggsy - Welcome to the forum.

It looks like you have already done a great job on the rolling chassis. :cool:

I look forward to seeing another A352 coming together.

Good luck, Paul. :)

deggsy 29th April 2015 13:09

Thanks gents
I went for an MOT in my other kit car today a GTS panther 7 clone it failed miserably ok no problem except for two of the failures first headlights the same ones it's passed with on the last three occasions they are working fine but now are illegal? even worst the drivers seat failed because it's not adjustable It has pad seats bolted to the floor and back and that's how it went through it's SVA :faint: apparently the rules have changed the drivers seat has to be adjustable and working correctly (this may affect you Scottie ) I need to contact VOSA to check.

8 Valve Ed 29th April 2015 13:20

Read the Testers manual. If the car is special purpose then they DON'T need to be adjustable. Mine will be bolted to the floor.

The relevant passage: Section 6-2

"Original Design characteristics and specialised modifications (e.g. to enable wheelchair access) are to be accepted."

Cite original design characteristics. If it passed the IVA that way then that's original design.

deggsy 29th April 2015 13:33

yep I just phoned the VOSA and they confirmed its ok I'm going to have words with the tester

8 Valve Ed 29th April 2015 13:39

I think the first one should start with an F and the second with an O...

Mister Towed 29th April 2015 17:41


Originally Posted by 8 Valve Ed (Post 66259)
I think the first one should start with an F and the second with an O...

Failure overruled?

Scottie22 29th April 2015 17:44

(this may affect you Scottie )

I hef my vays around ziss!

8 Valve Ed 29th April 2015 18:42


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 66265)
Failure overruled?

ROFLMAO ! :nod:

8 Valve Ed 29th April 2015 18:43


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 66266)
(this may affect you Scottie )

I hef my vays around ziss!

I know it's an SS Jag but...

deggsy 29th April 2015 20:14

I can't do a F O cos he's a she and uh hum family sort of it will all be sorted bu:violin:tI will have to go to Stoneleigh in my tin top now arggggh sh@t Sh@@t

Scottie22 30th April 2015 10:47

Don't be too upset deggsy, the weather forecast is really not too good, and without a roof, I would not have taken my car there even if it was finished!

davecymru 2nd May 2015 05:40

ohh, this should be an interesting build. I look forward to seeing this one progress and best of luck matey!

deggsy 2nd May 2015 17:35

Thanks I think I'll need it :icon_eek:

deggsy 11th May 2015 08:50

The boot floor in place 6mm ply skinned with glass fibre
Also the roll bar which will need to be modified when the frame arrives

deggsy 15th May 2015 15:06

Been playing with the rear tunnel cover today got it roughly in place it's made from 6mm ply and alloy sheet painted the ply with silver wheel paint not bad but not right so I skinned the top piece (under the roll bar supports) with alloy
Looks a bit better now! I just hope the frame (when it arrives?) clears the roll bar if not back to the drawing board

deggsy 25th May 2015 14:19

Finished the rear half of the tunnel cover but I'm not entirely happy. it looks a bit big and boxy to me any opinions? All replies will be given due consideration and may be totally ignored?????????

Scottie22 25th May 2015 14:58

Love it deggsy, where did the handbrake come from?

deggsy 25th May 2015 16:22

Bought it in a auto jumble a few years ago can't remember what car it's off well worth the fiver I paid, knew it would come in handy one day

8 Valve Ed 25th May 2015 16:48

Looks like Mini or perhaps BMC 1100?

deggsy 4th June 2015 16:37

you're probably right Ed .
I have just spent two days cutting bending and riveting this cover plate and it's still not finished
And I still don't know if it's any good as I haven't decided weather to use the fibreglass cover or make an alloy one?
On the other hand I have made some progress on modifying the dash.

Scottie22 4th June 2015 17:31

Deggsy, I used a new fibre glass gearbox cover (modified) then covered that with ally, take a look back on my thread and you'll see it.

P.S. I like your dash!

deggsy 4th June 2015 18:37

thanks' Scottie it' a slightly modified mg midget dash do you have any idea what page your gearbox mod is on I'm up 15 and still searching :frusty:

Scottie22 4th June 2015 19:18

Try page 79 deggsy, and the ally paneling came a bit later.

deggsy 4th June 2015 19:32

Thanks found it looks like a good option it's either that, sprat it silver or make a new one? hmmmm

deggsy 4th June 2015 19:33

Oops sprat I mean spray

Tribute Automotive 7th June 2015 20:31

Not having a Herald chassis available to us, we have taken one of our Spitfire chassis's and stretched to Herald wheelbase and added outriggers at the correct outline size as a base to build Derek's frame onto.

Start of lower rail for frame with body mounts:

Lower front bulkhead:

deggsy 7th June 2015 21:06

yahoo it begins. Chris keep us informed of the progress

Tribute Automotive 11th June 2015 19:02

Derek, you may not need the rear most section of the frame I am building but it has been a good design exercise for me to see how itwill work with a Spitfire frame/chassis:

Side sections with door mounted, getting there:

Rear bulkhead area:

You should be able to collect next week.

deggsy 11th June 2015 19:29

It's looking good Chris keep me informed can't wait to get my hands on it I'll give you a ring on Monday

deggsy 14th June 2015 20:57

Not much happening at the moment I re seated the floor pans ( miglia steel ones)as they were overlapping front to rear nice and flush now I managed to damage the fuel line in the process repaired now just waiting for the frame and body which should be ready soon ???

deggsy 17th June 2015 07:48

Decided to take off the tunnel cover and hand brake assembly as looking at the photos it seems to go back further than the frame I will modified it after the frame arrives, I'm too eager and getting ahead of myself!!!

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