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nutter 24th May 2012 06:56

First Drive
Now the IVA is done and the kit is road legal ive been out for many a first drive.
Ive come to see that just because its road legal doesn't make it road worthy!!

My rear tyres have been hitting the inside of the wheel arches, when under load. So Ive had to take the car off the road until I get this fixed.
Im running 15" rims so its not as if they are over sized in any way.

Given that I already modifed my rear archers myself I have had to modify them again.
It looks like the rear arches uprade from Marlin is a must for new build around VAG system.
Ive spent the last few days fiberglass some extensions in. There is still some work to do, filler + gel coat + polish, but the basic shape is there, and coupled with spring upgrade, it looks like the rear arches are fixed.

As usual pictures of the destruction in my build diary.

Now to fix the fronts............

limpabit 24th May 2012 09:47

Hmm that's a new one on me. Not heard anybody have that problem before with the arches.

I'm using 15" 195/50/15 rims as well. Even under heavy load and car does a squart, never touched the rear arches. Even before the suspension upgrade.

nutter 25th May 2012 06:47

No I hadnt either.

But for me its all fixed now, I have basically added wheel arch extensions that look fairly similar to the Marlin ones.
Ive increased the rear spring rate (I have a very heavy engine and gearbox) which is a little dissapointing but it is what it is.
The modified arches will allow the suspension to fully compress onto the bump stop without fouling the arches, not that it should ever hit the bump stop.


alackofspeed 25th May 2012 22:59

You should use a bump stop regularly. If you're still running the gaz dampers with the stock rubber bumpstop it should be ditched and replaced with a larger (possibly packed) polyurethane foam bumpstop. The theory is that you use the bumpstop as a second spring.

I can't recall where I bought mine from as I bought them about 3 years ago. I have conical shaped polyurethane foam bumpstops, so the response is deliberately non linear. I have only about 10mm of damper stroke (from ride height) until the bumpstops are contacted. The result is that small bump compliance is retained, but travel is better controlled as is roll.

It makes the world of difference.

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