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Lucky@LeMans 28th July 2021 08:10


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 106691)
Bodger alert!

If you know what car the pipe came from you will be able to track it down on
You will then get the part number that you can put into eBay or Google.

Not sure about BMW but Mercedes have the part number printed on almost every part, makes getting replacement parts much easier.

I think its a custom made part so no part numbers apply !

WorldClassAccident 28th July 2021 14:52

Definitely a bodge but unfortunately BMW never made an OEM pipe that connected a 2.8 engine to a 2.5 Inlet manifold, hence the need to bodge.

WorldClassAccident 28th July 2021 15:57

You can see the problems with hoses etc in this clip :

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