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JG 2nd February 2006 08:48

Get your 5exi pictures on Madabout!!
In case you don't wander over to the General discussion section of the forum I've just posted the below.

I hope you can all join in and upload your 5exi pictures.

Cheers, John

************************************************** **********


It's been a long time coming but we've finally done it!!

Each and every car listed on Madabout-Kitcars now has a picture gallery which can hold a limitless amount of pictures for your perusal.

We are often asked for bigger and better pictures of the cars we list so now we can oblige.

Take a look here as an example of the Sumo gallery

To start the ball rolling we have uploaded over 500 images but we want more!!! We want to create the biggest repository of freely available kit car images in the world...seriously.

We intend to collect hundreds more images from the shows this year but also need your help.

Each gallery has a form which enables anyone to upload the images they have for a particular kit car, it couldn't be simpler.

For example, if you have a picture (or pictures) of a Dax Rush simply go to the Dax Rush car details page, click on the picture gallery link and then using the form on that page upload your pictures, job done.

We reckon, collectively there must be tens of thousands of kit car images sitting on peoples hard drives, so why not share them and put them up on Madabout for everyone to drool over.

Each image can have a Credit link so if you want to be credited for the image you can, this also includes a link back to your website.

Any kit car images are acceptable, the more the merrier. They don't have to be of completed cars, in fact build images are often more of use to people as they can use them as a reference when building their own car.

So lets get going, please join in and lets build a huge database of kit car images.

Cheers all


JG 4th February 2006 18:43

What I should have done is add a direct link to the 5exi gallery. Here it is;


holgate86 4th February 2006 18:57

Tried posting pic, error 404 file not found, any ideas John.

Regards Brian

JG 4th February 2006 19:33

Arh, have been doing some changes today on the gallery but hadn't actually tested the upload bit.

Will get onto it straight away


JG 4th February 2006 19:39

The error you are seeing is to do with a redirect once the image has uploaded and is a result of some work we did today, so I'll get that sorted out asap.

The images themselves have uploaded and they are now showing in the gallery, very nice :eusa_clap: and thanks for sharing your pictures.

Cheers, John

Dan 4th February 2006 20:05

I got the : error 404 file not found, but glad to see the pictures of my silver car are now in the gallery. I've got loads and loads of pictures from the factory and of my car, didn't want to upload to many and fill your server up though !

limpabit 4th February 2006 20:32

I got the same error. Put a couple up of a part built one.

JG 4th February 2006 21:43

Right, thanks for your patience guys but we think we've cracked it.

It was a byproduct of trying to make the images more SEO friendly so that they would be picked up in the search engines. What we didn't test :eusa_naughty: was the upload bit.

Please upload as many pictures as you want, the more the merrier so no worries about filling up our server.

I've just approved some more images so they are now appearing in the 5exi gallery.

Many thanks


marlinturbo 16th October 2006 21:54

Uploaded Pics
Hi John,

I've uploaded some pics today...did they make it earlier today?
If not i've just uploaded the same again now...if they are duplicated please delete them...



limpabit 9th February 2007 17:54

I've uploaded some pictures JG. Hopefully you receive them ok. I've also posted in a separate post.

JG 9th February 2007 20:17

Yep, now live in the gallery.

Cheers, John

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