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Scottie22 2nd April 2015 20:06

Due to other commitments, I was only able to put in 6 hours of work today,
but it was just enough to do what I had planned, which was to get the drivers door trim done.

I did make one small error on the drivers trim panel, but I am short of time and past caring about very minor things like that, and anyhow, it will add to the quirky character of the car.

Anyone spot my F.U.?




casamolino 2nd April 2015 20:12

Evening Scottie , 10 on one , 8 on the other , Geoff .

Scottie22 2nd April 2015 20:31

Smack on Geoff!

Was I peed off when I noticed what I'd done!

WorldClassAccident 3rd April 2015 08:02

I thought it was the failure to clean the corner of the floor properly...

Scottie22 3rd April 2015 08:44

Its not just the corner WCA, the whole floor is covered in build muck!
A sping clean is planned, probably after Stoneleigh..........

Paul L 3rd April 2015 08:47

Scottie - Well despite looking, I didn't spot the 10 vs 8 difference until it was pointed out. :rolleyes:

I did notice the 4 hinge bolts are at different heights, but that is hardly a real problem now is it?

As I'm still convinced the first reaction of most people who look inside your car will be "Wow!".

Good luck, Paul. :)

Scottie22 3rd April 2015 11:41

Today I started to strip out the dash and all the side fittings, ready for paint prep.

Of course the car looks like crap now and there is a feeling of going backwards.

This is the first car I've ever built, although I have modded a lot, so when I got my body shell, I treated it as "hallowed", and when I fitted the dash, I chopped out the dash corners out to fit the "hallowed, not to be damaged" body.

A year later, with more experience, confidence and skill, I have come to the conclusion that it is the builder that is "hallowed" and the body is a submissive inert object to be hacked about as one pleases.

So I have filled in the dash corners, and chopped out chunks of the body for a better looking deal. (Strengthened with paste underneath)

I can show the filled in corners on the dash, but not the finished car until its painted and back together.

Once again, this is all extra work I don't need, but it has to be done at this stage.

I think its important that I post these bits, as people will think "why is the car not finished?
Well, all this extra bloody work that seems to keep coming is why.........




Scottie22 3rd April 2015 15:44

Later Friday
The stripping out took longer than I thought, but its done now.
I have strengthened the windscreen body corners, which I had weakened, by cutting a lot out.

Also got some filler on the body.

I will try to paint the windscreen surround later, if I have time.






Mick O'Malley 4th April 2015 09:26

30° Flip
2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 65097)

I'll post a piccy or two once my latest film has been D'd & P'd.

As promised :)

Regards, Mick

Scottie22 4th April 2015 17:11

Looking good Mick!

Scottie22 4th April 2015 18:20

Got the first coat of paint on the screen surround, which showed me how much more prep I need!

Loads of tiny imperfections not noticed in primer, all stoppered now, more work tomorrow.



Scottie22 4th April 2015 19:59

Well my impatience got the better of me, I knew it would,
and I did more to the screen frame, Stonleigh calls after all..........


Paul L 4th April 2015 20:30

Scottie - It must be great to have reached the stage where you can paint this, given how much grief you had making it.

So well done and good luck, Paul. :)

Scottie22 4th April 2015 21:26

Yes it is Paul!
You will have the same feeling when you paint yours!
Maybe an even better feeling knowing the grief your build has given you at times!

Scottie22 6th April 2015 19:22

I did work on the car yesterday, but did not get round to posting about it.
I did a lot more today.

I started the car, and drove it out into the sun for some rubbing down.
Its going to be a long job. There are bumpy lines along the sides of the body where the fibre glass panels have been joined by the looks of it, and it took ages just to reduce the bumps in one small area I tried to do it by hand with a solid block, but I think the air sander will be less hours of work.

Flatting the bonnet, putting more paint on the windscreen frame, filling holes and dents etc etc.

I will try to make the most of the good weather.








Paul L 7th April 2015 07:42

Scottie - Good luck with the rest of the body work.

I am sure seeing primer going on the car and the sun in the sky is a boost to morale. :cool:

Cheers, Paul. :)

Scottie22 7th April 2015 19:08

Before I bonded the door skins on to the door frame, I lined the inner skin,
with alloy, but on the passengers door, this had the effect of warping the skin curve so it would not fit the frame, but after a lot of heating, twisting and clamping, I did get the skin to fit, but the down side was all the dents and marks that the clamps had left on the outer surface.

Today I flatted the door and filled it all.

Then I got the bonnet and both doors, and gave them several coats of high-build primer, which when flatted, should give a reasonable surface for the topcoat.

My camera had a glitch, and I lost several pics of the work, but took a couple more of the finished bits.

All in all, a good days work, as for a change I did all I had planned to do.




fatbloke 8th April 2015 09:23

Scottie, does the motor work in the Mk2 and if so why isn't it in your XKSS replica :biggrin:

Scottie22 8th April 2015 13:58

Yes FB, or at least it did when I parked it there a million years ago. I'm sure you are joking, but if not:

The engine and box would be far too heavy for the lightweight Spitfire chassis, suspension, and running gear.

I know the Americans put 7 litre engines in some of theirs, but can you seriously imagine what the handling would be like with a set up like that?

Ok in a straight line, but cornering a bit like an ocean liner I would guess.

Scottie22 8th April 2015 18:42

Another 6 hours on the body work today, I think I've got all the flash lines off the body, I stripped off all the gubbins on the tail end and, filled/stoppered and rubbed it all down.

Found even more bubbles, dug them out and filled /sanded them too.

Sanded out the bonnet rain channel, which was a horrid fiddly job, and got it in etch.

There seems so much still to do, it doesn't matter where I start as long as I keep going.

I was too busy to take loads of pics, but here is what I did snap:



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