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reneanglia 8th April 2015 19:03

Don't tell me you not gonna remove the lights,bumpers etc.before painting and mask them?

Scottie22 8th April 2015 19:32

It will all come off Rene, just have not got round to it yet!

Scottie22 9th April 2015 18:12

Another full day on the car, and in this weather, I was able to work out in the sun with just shorts and flip flops.

I filled loads of little holes in the body work where I had put the bumpers on in the wrong place, and re-drilled, promising my self I would fill the holes later.

Also more rubbing down on the back end where once I had it all one colour,
I could see where it needed building up a bit.

I finally got the rear end of the car all in etch primer, and some of the front bits too. I still have work to do on the front end, but hope to etch that tomorrow, and perhaps get some high build primer on it too.

Some pics:







Danny_HUFC 9th April 2015 18:55

Keep up the work Scottie, maybe it will be finished for this Stoneleigh after all?

Have you put the 'VW' alike on the backburner? I noticed its just got a vw badge on the front and not the gpr pannel you where going to put on?

Scottie22 9th April 2015 19:33

Yes Danny, the Vee Dub project is on the back burner for now, I will crack on, I am waiting for the email details on my invoice from Chris,
before I can go ahead with the re-registration of the car, and so far no response, and it may be that I will not be able to re-register in time for the show.

At least I am flat out on the car every day, but we will see.

Paul L 9th April 2015 21:13

Scottie - Keep up the good work. :cool:

That dark green is going to look amazing when it covers the whole car.

Good luck, Paul. :)

WorldClassAccident 9th April 2015 22:25

I think you should use the V-Dub- alike and your car as before and after pictures. I am sure with a bit of photoshop you could show how you achieved it.

Confuse the life out of most of the Kit car people

Scottie22 10th April 2015 08:43


Paul L 10th April 2015 08:47

I think WCA means one of these sequences but starting with your van and ending up with your XKSS.

Scottie22 10th April 2015 09:13

Thanks Paul! I'm a bit busy for that right now!
But I suppose it would be very useful for all the people desperate to build an XKSS out of their old Vee Dub van.

Scottie22 10th April 2015 16:46

Put in another full day, but the car looks no different, but of course its 8 hours better than it was!

Its all in high build primer now, but still lots of rubbing down and so on.


It s coming though. (trouble is, so's Stoneleigh!!)

MrTin 10th April 2015 17:06

Why drill holes in the rivets? On an "original car" of this alleged era, the rivets would have been solid, like aircraft rivets, as on D-Type, XJ13, etc.


WorldClassAccident 10th April 2015 17:21

Don't tell him that, he is now going to fill each rivet head and individually rub the to a fine polish!

Another 10 days work at least

MrTin 10th April 2015 17:29

I should think so too:-)


Scottie22 10th April 2015 17:38

I prefer them that way, and want them so.

reneanglia 10th April 2015 18:25

You left the mountings in as they don't need to come out.......
I can understand why you left them there,i would'nt because there can be a gap behind the mountings where dust and debri can pile up.
You won't be pleased when spraying final color the dust decides to come out..........
See.......i always find something to nag about....

Scottie22 10th April 2015 18:28

You certainly do Rene!

Before I put the top coat on. I will have a thorough blow out with compressed air, to remove any debris, so it will be okay.

MrTin 10th April 2015 18:29

Dummy rivets are dummies, holes or not, it's your car. I just wondered why you went to all that trouble for what is effectively a wrong appearance. No skin off my nose.


swifty 10th April 2015 19:51

WOW scottie its been some time since i look at your thread and you certainly have been busy, i bet the undercoat is a great moral booster but a hairy legged guy in flip flops and shorts with a spray mask must of been a sight for sore eyes.:icon_lol:

Looking forward to the top coat which at the rate you are going will be next week

Scottie22 10th April 2015 21:17

May be Swifty, depends on how long it takes to get a good finish and also the weather.

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