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Scottie22 3rd February 2015 21:19

I do appreciate suggestions and offered help, but in this case, I am happy with the outcome, and the current set-up.

I effectively have not had a wheel change, as the rolling diameter of my "new" wheels is exactly the same as the original Triumph ones. I calculated the tyre size precisely for that reason.

Therefore the speedo needs no recalibration as works as it always did before I changed the face.

It will record the mileage covered accurately, (as it did before) so I will know how far I have traveled, and when a service is due.

It is only the Jaguar dial face that is slightly different to the original Spitfire one, and that difference is only small, and does not justify any further work or expense.

The sat-nav gadget works fine as I have tested that too, so I do not see the need for any more changes.

Scottie22 5th February 2015 10:42

When I finally put my dash board into the car for the last time, the restricted space available will be such that actually doing all the connections will be very difficult at best, and perhaps impossible at worst, so I have worked out a strategy that I hope will make life easier at that time of the build. The cunning plan is as follows:

I intend to extend most of the cables and wires so that I can have the dash positioned about a foot back from where it will finally fit, and do all the connections before pushing the dash forward into its exact place.

To that end, I have started to solder extra bits of cable onto the spade connectors ready for the big event. Very fiddly, but necessary work.

On a lighter note, when I went into my conservatory (workshop) this morning, I was surprised to see that my favorite tool had given birth to a puppy! And I didn't even know she was pregnant. I am pleased to report
that mother and baby are doing well.




WorldClassAccident 5th February 2015 11:05

Not as bit a litter as your pregnant clamp then

Scottie22 5th February 2015 11:23

Definitely not, World-Class, but water pump pliers usually only have one or two young anyway, and it was her first of course.
(I am trying to find out who the father is, and have narrowed the list down. I am hoping to find out without resorting to DNA testing, which may prove expensive)


WorldClassAccident 5th February 2015 13:17

2nd from left. You can see where the sheath split

Mister Towed 5th February 2015 15:04


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 63268)
2nd from left. You can see where the sheath split


Scottie22 5th February 2015 16:08


IanA 5th February 2015 16:39


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 63238)
The sat-nav gadget works fine as I have tested that too, so I do not see the need for any more changes.

Your GPS speedo intrigued me until I found them for £75 on eBay. I use a bicycle speedo on my Jago with a magnet hot-glued on to a wheel balance weight on the inside of the OSF wheel.
Now I've loaded the free SpeedView app to an Android smartphone. It can even read out reversed to provide a head up display on the windscreen.

Scottie22 5th February 2015 18:27

What you have, sounds like a good compromise Ian.

The beauty of the one I have Ian, is the fact that I was given it for free, ages ago before there was any need of one.

When I realised that calibration was not the answer, I dug it out for use.

IanA 5th February 2015 20:47

That's the best price, Scottie.
The jeep did need recalibration as I have 235/75x15 tyres in place of the original Escort 155x12, albeit with a lower ratio diff. Because the rolling circumference can be measured to the centimetre and that value fed into the bicycle speedo, it is accurate to 0.5%. Also provides a clock, journey trip and other stats.
The Speedview app says that the Z3 speedo still reads a little fast- even with the wire wheels which have slightly taller tyres than the original alloys.

Ollie 6th February 2015 18:31

Scottie, you need to go on GoodWood Road and Racing's website....
Their latest video, XKSS...
Some good close up's......

Paul L 6th February 2015 21:13

There you go...

Scottie22 6th February 2015 23:16

Ollie and Paul, thanks a lot!
Brilliant stuff!

Scottie22 6th February 2015 23:25

Mick O'Mally, go to this website, if it does not inspire you, set fire to your build!!
Some REALLY good interior pics.

Scottie22 6th February 2015 23:29


Mick O'Malley 7th February 2015 06:51

Great Pictures!
If mine looks half as good as that, I'll be delighted. I loved the close-up of the interior door handle - drilled for lightness, must have saved an ounce or two :)

Been sorting hinges the last couple of days. Lots of drilling, discing and grinding, nearly ready to mate them to the doors.

8 Valve Ed 7th February 2015 07:05

I LOVE those Webbers... <VBG>

Mick O'Malley 7th February 2015 08:40

Hooray Henrys
2 Attachment(s)
Scotty, further to our chat, here are a couple of the photo's of C Types I took at the Jaguar 75th Anniversary event at Coventry in 1995. Sadly, there were no XKSSs there.

Silver spoons or not, I think these two deserve credit for using their cars :)

p.s. I think it's called 'patination'.

Scottie22 7th February 2015 09:15

Nice pics Mick, mucky and scruffy as they are, it captures the sheer
essence of "originality" and makes them look awesome!
Like you say good for them.

Btw, did you notice the tax disc in the D-type set of pics?
It made me think of you!

Ed, in my "Jag-driving days" way back, I considered buying webers for my engine,
but the price even then was way out of my price range.

I shouldn't have been able to afford Jags even, but bought cheap
wrecks and renovated them.

Mick O'Malley 7th February 2015 09:36

Tax Disc
1 Attachment(s)
Yes, I saw it. Mine's this style and year with a Gloucester date stamp (my birthday) and my index mark, in a suitably battered holder from the Beaulieu Autojumble. It's the detailing that makes the difference!

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