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Noj 28th January 2019 21:53

Seatbelt or Harness
Hi all,

I'm just at the point where I need to install some belts into my kit, and I'm stumped on what to do.

Whilst obviously safety is the number 1 priority, I am also looking for ease of fitting. I've never welded anything or know anyone with welding experience, so I don't really want a system where something needs welding.

With fitting inertia roll shoulder belts, I've got the anchor point behind the seat (for the roll) and the anchor point by the centre tunnel (for the socket), but I seem to be missing a third anchor point by the side panel - where do I connect the end of the belt?

Also initially I had hoped to use the donor inertia-roll belts, but upon removal they've got "do not use in another vehicle" plastered all over them, I assume due to the pretensioners - Is there actually a perceived risk with re-using them if I don't connect power to them?

With harnesses, whilst I like the idea, I think they will be harder to fit. I have the harness bar which would take the 2 over the shoulder straps, and I can fit the sub belt through the floor, but its the two side belts that I wouldn't know where to place.

All thoughts and advice appreciated :razz:

Leadfoot 29th January 2019 12:45

Seatbelt or Harness
2 Attachment(s)
Hi Noj,
Hopefully the two pictures attached helps with the 'third' mounting point question.

I have seats that can take a four point harness but I think it would get very old for me quickly when messing about with them, so I've stuck with the standard three point seatbelt.

Noj 29th January 2019 13:43

Hi Leadfoot,

Thank you for these - I had already connected this part up, sorry for the confusion.

I meant the very end of the seat belt - but having closely studied a load of pictures, I'm fairly sure it attaches to the same point that the roll attaches too on the back of the chassis. Which is a shame as the fitting on the donor won't attach here, due to a kink in the bracket.

It looks like I will have to get some after market 3 points.

I didn't realise there would be so many to choose from, and such a price variant.

Leadfoot 29th January 2019 15:02

Seatbelt or Harness
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I'm with you now (I think) and it's made me question my set-up.
The anchor point on my end is simply not fixed as per the attached 'old' photo.
This means it crosses my shoulder and not the lap. I wonder if this passed the SVA like that or whether it was altered by another owner prior to my purchase and rebuild...
Makes for a simple arrangement Lol

Seen prices for a suitable universal 3point from £20 on ebay and above. Car Builder's Solutions are £57.60 ea.

Noj 29th January 2019 15:23

Eeeek! That is terrifying! :shocked:

If you had an accident with them set up like that, as your pelvis flies forward, the belt would just slip to your neck and end up garroting you!

Although you are right, it would be easy to set up!

I was looking at those ebay ones, but I'm thinking this is probably an area I don't want to cheap out on.
Although the ebay ones say they are E rated.... are they? lol

bigrich 3rd February 2019 16:22

Leadfoot - wooah! Get them fixed as soon as you can.

Noj - if you intend to do lots of track stuff, then harnesses...but the Marlin harness bar is too flexible in my view. If not, dont bother - they are a hassle and the seatbelt solution works better.

Leadfoot 5th February 2019 13:06

Re: Fixing point - Don't worry about it, it's going to be my number one job as soon as I can get time to look at it!!!

Just kicking myself about why I accepted that set-up and never questioned it until now... I suppose that when in the cosseted seats with the belt on, I felt quite safe. I'm glad I commented on this thread as it has brought the issue to my attention.

To think that it would have been a lot easier job to do if I took care of it whilst doing the interior, duh:violin:


limpabit 9th February 2019 08:00

Going back to the old days of SVA. The harness and harness bar gave a mixed response to a pass/fail. Depending on inspector.

Can’t fail a certified seat health and proper fitting with bolts.

People usually changed to harnesses after inspection.

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