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Paul L 22nd April 2012 19:20

Another Cordite Is Born ...
[Mark Evans] Hello my Sammio building chums and welcome to Another Cordite Is Born. [/Pete Mate]

Sorry, I couldn't resist a small tribute to those inspirational TV shows. :wink:

But jokes aside, a warm welcome to my Cordite build thread.

I will use this for both my own record and hopefully a guide for others.

Here is my time line so far:

Joined this forum purely with the intention of doing research for a future build.

Unfortunately, the Sammio enthusiasm is very contagious and before I knew it...

Visit Gary & Mike at the Poole workshop & reserve Cordite kit No.7. :cool:

A day that can only be described as a "moment of madness". :rolleyes:

Phoned a guy about an ebay ad, went to bank, drove to meet him, bought car!

A 1980, V Reg, Spitfire 1500 which was an unfinished project.

Car was delivered to my house.

It included lots of new bits including this steering wheel.

It has also got new foam sets & leather covers to rebuild the seats.

I just hope the restoration work done on the rolling chassis & engine are good to go.

( I keep getting a sinking feeling that I am in way over my head here )

Those with a keen eye for detail may have noticed this now stored on my drive.

Unfortunately, this will also be my garage & workshop for most the build. :(

Next Steps...
Do nothing for a while on the car whilst I tackle some chores around the house & garden.

My family must come first and the car will be done in spare, not family, time.

I now need to agree my kit configuration and put the final order in with Gary.
( At this point I'm leaning towards a double hump, with doors, but no tail fins )

I will also get a new "ageless" registration number before I'm finished.

That's all for now, cheers, Paul. :)

davecymru 22nd April 2012 19:28

So much sounds so familiar :) good luck mate and if I were you the first thing i'd invest in is a pop up gazebo for those moments when you want to "pop to the garage" :)

WorldClassAccident 22nd April 2012 19:49

Double humps are the wat to go!

Psycho pops 22nd April 2012 20:12

Mmmmmm I remember promising my wifeI would finish her herald before I laid a hand on mine...... they are so appealing these Sammio builds the Heralds not finished yet.

tlrtone 22nd April 2012 20:32

welcome to the "build-it-on-the-drive-club" :biggrin:

Looks like a nice donor, so you should have minimal prep to do before you can build the Bond-mobile....

lancelot link 22nd April 2012 21:54

Paul ...go girl !

That looks like a decent donor the steering wheel too.....

Will keep you posted on no. 7

Mister Towed 23rd April 2012 09:21

Hi Paul. Donor looks very tidy, I hope the chassis is as good as the bodywork...

You should get a fair bit back when you sell on the parts you no longer need.

Good luck with your build and I look forward to seeing some pictures of your progress. :biggrin1:

Paul L 25th April 2012 20:37

Thanks for all the encouraging comments gentlemen.
I'm sure I will be relying heavily on this forum's support in the months to come.

I've haven't slept properly since I bought the car as it was all a bit of a blur.
I think the size of the challenge ahead is giving me mild panic attacks! :shock:

So I need to break this down into small steps that will build my confidence.
Therefore I have now set myself two simple (ish) tasks to start the project off...

Work my way through all the parts (new & old) supplied to rebuild the seats.
Order any missing bits & pieces, then clean & Hammerite the seat frames.
Put everything back together to give me two, as new, tan leather seats. :cool:
Obviously seats are not an urgent priority, but a start, no matter now small, is.

Start stripping off the parts I want to sell to reduce the overall build cost.
I'll start with the doors, boor lid, windscreen, front & rear bumpers and bonnet.
Plus soft top, frame is in place, but it came with a brand new cover, still in its box.
As mentioned before, I'm new to ebay, so still lots of things to learn here too.

To avoid adding to my stress levels, I am not putting any deadlines on the above.
This makes sense for me given the current weather and a family birthday this weekend.
Once I get a feel for how long the "simple" tasks take, I can form a better project plan.

So until then, take care, Paul. :)

Gary - I'll drop you a PM next week with some ideas about my final kit spec.

mulberry 26th April 2012 16:55

paul you might find that your spitfire seats will be to big for your cordite.

there`s very little room in the sammio. and im guessing it be roughly the same... but good luck with your build

gary and mell

Straight Sixer 26th April 2012 20:13

Greatest thing about the digital age is you can take loads of pictures of every little bit so that when it all goes back together (in about four or five weeks!!!!) you'll have all the reminders you need and plenty to upload on here for those of us who are trailing behind you.

Best of good luck with your cordite.


Paul L 26th April 2012 20:26


Originally Posted by mulberry (Post 29915)
... paul you might find that your spitfire seats will be to big for your cordite...


Thanks for the advance warning Gary.
In which case, I guess the finished seats will become part of the ebay sales.

Len - Thanks, digital photos are a great invention for this sort of project.

Cheers, Paul. :)

lancelot link 28th April 2012 14:15


Originally Posted by mulberry (Post 29915)
paul you might find that your spitfire seats will be to big for your cordite.

there`s very little room in the sammio. and im guessing it be roughly the same... but good luck with your build

gary and mell

what he said .....They are snug little cars ....seating options range from tractor seats ....don't laugh thats what I put in number one to set her up and also in a later one for MOT...
Through Clubman Classics , Sammio home grown created from Ikea breakfast bar stools , Modified Minor , homemade benches , DAX buckets , boat seats etc etc...

The Dax seat as recommended by Towed , isn't the cheapest option but they are a bloody good seat and fit well...

Paul L 6th May 2012 16:36

Slow Progress Report:
It has rained pretty much every day since the Spitfire arrived on my drive. :icon_sad:

Which is why I wasn't supposed to buy a car until I'd moved to a house with a garage! :rolleyes:

I've really only had a few hours to get anything done.
At least this allowed me to start stripping my donor.
Nothing too exciting, but I cleared the boot of parts.
Removed the boot lid, rear bumper, rear lights & headlights.
I had to clean paint over spray off the side windows to take ebay 'before' photos.
I'd just started to unbolt the doors when the rain started again. :frusty:

So not much of a start, but at least it is a start.

Next Steps:
Remove the doors, hood frame & bonnet.
Then get myself organised on ebay & start selling bits.

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

JG 7th May 2012 10:44

Looks like a perfect donor car, dare I say it, almost too perfect. I'd be so tempted to get the Spitfire back on the road as a runner.


garyh 10th May 2012 15:51

Paul, has it stopped raining yet!

Paul L 13th May 2012 21:31

Progress Report:
There was a strange yellow thing in the sky this weekend! :wink:
So I finally got the chance to remove more parts from my donor.
This included the doors, front bumper, hood frame & bonnet.
Thankfully getting a decent donor means no problems with unbolting.
I haven't even had to use so much as a squirt of WD40 (touch wood).

And this is what my donor looks like now:

Project Timing:
The Good news - It took me less than 6 hours to get this far.
The Bad News - It took 21 days to rack up those 6 hours!
Finding spare time when it wasn't raining was pretty demoralising.
But hopefully we will eventually get a summer & my pace will pick up.

Next Steps:
I now need to sell these parts ASAP as storage space is a real problem.

I will move all this stuff as soon as I've taken the photos ebay.
So that will be the main focus of my efforts in the next few weeks.

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

JG - I hope a nice donor saves time & money on the rolling chassis.

GaryH - Thankfully the rain finally stopped & I got some more work done.
I was considering switching my build form a Cordite to a Sammio ARK!

Mister Towed 14th May 2012 09:23

With 20/20 hindsight if I'd spent double what I did on a donor I'd have been on the road months ago and it would ultimately have cost only a couple of hundred pounds more. But then I wouldn't have had all the 'fun' of repairing my rotten chassis. :(

I'd advise any new builders looking for a donor to do what you've done and get a really good car with an mot that someone else has spent their money on. It'll pay dividends in the end. :)

davecymru 14th May 2012 09:36

I agree completley!

Paul, looks like you've got yourself a really nice looking donor there, I'm jealous of all the shininess! :)

tlrtone 14th May 2012 11:39

Great donor by the looks of it Paul, you should net a profit from selling all the bits and buying your Cordite kit.

I had a good donor and the money made from selling the bits I didn't need, paid for the kit and some materials. I reckon mine has cost me about another 1000-1500 with new parts and paint etc, so all in all a cheap way of enjoying the summer - cheaper than a family holiday!

lancelot link 14th May 2012 18:35

All progress is positive Paul ...keep it up , its looking good so far !

Paul L 19th May 2012 17:35

Progress Report - Ebay Sales:
First of all, thanks to donnysoutherner & tritone for their Ebay guidance.
This is all new to me, but my first batch of donor parts are now finally for sale.
Plan A was to start with lots of small items to help build my feedback up.
However, my sixth sense went for Plan B, selling most of the big stuff first.

I blame subliminal "Get those bloody car parts out of the house now!" messages. :wink:
But sometimes it does pay to remember who is really in charge at home! :rolleyes:
As part of keeping a record of this build, I'll list all my sales when complete.

Project Timing:
In terms of workload, I spent a few minutes removing the last mounting brackets.
( These will be sold with the front grill and rear bumper )
Then it was a few hours cleaning and taking photos for ebay.
My youngest daughter (10) has been very keen to help out. :cool:

Then I spent a few more hours getting everything set up on ebay.
I'm sure it gets quicker when you know what you are doing.

Next Steps:
Keep on top of this first batch of Ebay sales until they are all sold & collected.

I'm going to ask my usual garage to give whats left of my donor a professional once over.
I'd trust them to give the rolling chassis an MOT level inspection & identify any problems.
If everything is in order, I can start the final 'destruction' job of removing the body shell.
I'll also ask them to tune the engine to meet an MOT emission test while they are at it.

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

Mister Towed, DaveCymru & tritone
Thanks chaps, I really hope this proves to be the best approach for me now.
But when I have a garage to play in, I do want to learn the "joys" of welding / repairs.

Gary - Cheers, my basic plan is to simply keep moving forward one step at a time.

Mister Towed 19th May 2012 20:26

Ahh, welding's not so hard. After all, I managed it. :party:

Paul L 26th May 2012 16:47

Progress Report:
My first batch of Ebay sales have just ended, after what seemed like a long week,
I've spend hours answering questions and dealing with potential buyers / offers.
But in the end I raised 673 from 7 lots and I still have some good stuff to sell. :cool:
( I'll produce a comprehensive list of all my sales when the last parts are sold )

The oddest part of the process was the interest in parts I wasn't actually selling.
There are already four people forming an orderly queue for the body shell.
One guy has already made an offer for it based on two of the photos from this thread.
( The 'what it looks like now' after removing parts photo & the empty boot photo )
So with a bit of luck, the last part to be taken off my donor will be my biggest sale.
I'm also going to use this as an excuse to test 'posting a video within a post' tomorrow.

But it will take me a while to get used to the last minute nature of the Ebay bidding.
For days it looked like the bonnet, 2 doors & boot lid would go for 3.96 in TOTAL!
Which means I should have sold them for scrap metal, rather than car parts. :icon_sad:

So a pox on the IT geek who invented item watching and automated bidding!
It took all my nerve not to accept other offers in the days before bidding ended.
Thankfully I got more money than I'd been offered, so it was worth the anxious wait.
Once all these parts are collected, I will go through the next batch of stuff to sell.

Although I'm hoping my 1st Ebay buyers will want some of these other parts too.
So, with my wife's permission, I've turned our dining room into an Auto Jumble!

Brand new items include leather seat covers, double duck soft top & seat foams.
In fact, the Rimmer Bros price list for the stuff piled up on the sofa is over 1,400.
I'm still gutted that I can't use these rebuilt Spitfire seats myself in the Cordite. :icon_sad:

More Stripping:
I removed the stereo surround, under dash storage bits & the last of the carpet.
I was also able to remove the speaker cables and radio aerial lead too.
It is starting to look very bare inside the car now.

Donor Inspection:
My usual garage collected what's left of my Spitfire earlier today.
The pick up lorry seemed to fill up most of the street!

This Spitfire is definitely turning into a bit of a trailer queen! :wink:

So they will start to check it all over next week for me.
I've been getting MOTs there for 24 years and they are very good.
They will look at the rolling chassis, drive chain, engine, etc.

Bed time reading / viewing:
Whilst I'm still currently focused on the donor 'destruction' phase of my build...
I'm also starting to plan ahead for the construction phase of this project too.
So I took advantage of an offer in CompleteKitCar and bought a book & DVD.
I've seen Mark Evans make things with Fibreglass on TV & am keen to try it myself.

Next Steps:
More Ebay selling (once I've had my limits increased as I am an ebay novice).
Wait (with my fingers crossed) to hear back from the garage about what they find.
I've also sent a PM to Gary with my latest thoughts on my kit order.

So until next time, take care, Paul. :)

Mister Towed - Don't put yourself down, normal people learning to weld give me hope!

Mister Towed 26th May 2012 18:45

Ahh, now I never said I was normal... 27th May 2012 05:49

I love the concept of changing the the dinning room into a auto-jumble! what could you do with the kitchen and other rooms in the house?

I am just about to start fibre-glassing the G46 after a 42 year gap between my last fibre-glassing project being a chassis strengthing exercise on a Moggy Minor (how MOT standards have changed) so reference to the books is very helpful, many thanks

Paul L 28th May 2012 19:09

Mister T - Let's face it, no Sammio builder can be described as 'normal'! :wink: - If I don't sell all these parts soon, I'll be using the kitchen as a bedroom!


Video Test

If I have followed Misted Towed's instructions, this should be a short video chip.

Be warned it might make you sea sick as I shake the camera all over the place. :rolleyes:

This is a quick tour of my donor body shell, so I can show potential buyers its condition.

Normal build thread progress will be resumed shortly.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 28th May 2012 20:19

Video link works fine Paul. Clip is very 'Blair Witch project' - all shakey cam and heavy breathing. I like it!

Paul L 2nd June 2012 05:59

I'll post a proper progress report sometime over this long weekend.
As later this morning I'll see how the garage is getting on with donor.
But first I need to go to the supermarket and do the big family shop. :rolleyes:

So in the meantime, here is something I prepared earlier...

Colour Options:
Initially, British Racing Green, or Bright Red, would have made my colour short list.
And certainly, all the finished Spyders I've seen on here in those colours look great.

Instead, I drew up an alternative short list of four possible colours.
- Burgundy - Mulberry & AndyP57 have shown this looks great
- Other Old Greens - Think weather beaten Land Rover
- Yellow - The colour of my last Triumph, the motorcycle in my Avatar
- Blue - Although I was torn between light and dark blue

Then in the best of Blue Peter traditions, I did some cutting out & sticking on.
This gave me a number of A4 sheets of paper to help with the decision making.
( These look a lot better in real life that the photos suggest )

Another colour influence came when I saw the photos of the first Cordite at Stoneleigh.
It looked great in the gel coat and the unpainted finish actually made the car look "old".

After checking with Gary, I will add an optional extra to my Cordite order and get a LIGHT BLUE get coat. :cool:

My current plan is to get this Cordite on the road with no paint on the external bodywork.
That way, the joys of filling, sanding & spraying [+ Repeat] can wait for another time.
With a bit of luck, reworked areas (e.g. rear lights) will look like repairs to an old car.

At least that is one construction decision finally made. :wink:

Cheers, Paul. :)

Another influence on my colour choice was this Spyder:

Mister Towed 2nd June 2012 08:27

I'm rather fond of that powder blue finish myself. Nice choice.

AndyP57 2nd June 2012 08:38

It is strange that 'most' people, and I count myself in with that group, see blue as the 'natural' colour for a Cordite and Red for the Spyder. :noidea:

Paul L 3rd June 2012 16:34

Rolling Chassis & Engine Inspection:
Previously, I'd left my Spitfire in the capable hands of Barry's Garage.
( 1 Glebe Road, Willesden, London, NW10 2JD - 020 8459 3354

They started work on the engine first, setting it up to meet an MOT emissions test.
Apparently fine tuning my shiny twin SU carbs has been a real pain in the ....!
The engine was back firing so loudly it sounded like a Wild West shoot out. :shock:
They are also going to replace a few parts they think are not helping the set up.

Next week they will turn their attention to the rolling chassis and test that.
The double Bank Holiday will restrict the time available to them.
So it is not clear when I'll get the car back, but hopefully next weekend.

Ebay Update:
I'm just waiting for the doors to be collected tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday).
All the other parts have been collected and now have new homes.
Amazingly people have travelled from North Wales, Hull & Bristol.

Unfortunately the Dining Room 'Auto Jumble' has sold nothing to date. :icon_sad:
At least I've now taken photos of everything & they will be posted on Ebay soon.
In the meantime everything will be relocated to the Summer House out of the way.

I've also sent a link to the video tour of the body shell to 4 potential buyers.
Barry's Garage gave the shell a quick visual inspection & said it looked solid.

Rear Lighting Options:
I pulled together a number of photos of rear lighting here.
Which has helped me narrow things down to a final two choices.
- Use traditional dome lights for the indicators & stop/tail + a separate reflector
- Use modern lights with reflector outer rings, which are slightly bigger.
In both cases I have decided to drop the idea of having reversing lights.
Based on the photos, "Less in more" is definitely the way to go.
Here is another of my Blue Peter mock ups of what it might look like.

Next Steps:
Half Term for my daughters next week, so I'm off work to spend some time with my family.
( I've already cooked Sunday Lunch today & we've just come back from a game of Badminton )
I need to be careful as this Cordite project seems to be a Black Hole sucking in all my time.
I am under considerable pressure to ensure my new 'hobby' is limited to genuinely spare time.
( Which is pretty much what DaveCymru posted the other day, wise words indeed. )

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

Mister Towed & AndyP57 - Thanks, I really think the light blue gives a traditional old look.

Paul L 12th June 2012 18:47

Last week was quiet, mainly spent with the family for half term.
The highlight of which was getting a wave from The Queen. :wink:
But the project has also been ticking along in the background ...

Cordite Kit Order:
Apparently Cordite Kit No.6 has just rolled off the Sammio production line.
I had specifically reserved kit No.7 which means I am now next in line.
This gives me the option of using Barry Sheene's old No.7 racing number.

But since my last update there were some major changes in Sammio world.
So I have now agreed my kit order with AndyP57 & send my money today. :cool:
Thanks to both Gary & Andy for all their help as I tried to finalise my spec.
Unfortunately, I have plagued them both with my endless lists of questions. :rolleyes:
My kit will come with seat belt mounts & bonnet hinges fabricated for me.
This will help me with the major change I've had to make to my build plan...

Revised Cordite Build Plan:
I am now facing up to the harsh reality of building a car on the drive.
( The ridiculous weather and lack of practical working / storage space )
So I've made the decision to keep this Cordite build simple and sell it.
My double hump Cordite will wait until I've moved to a house with a garage.
Which was my original plan until this forum turned me to the Dark Side & I bought a Spitfire! :wink:

So yes, I'm already planning a second build, before I've completed the first! :rolleyes:
This has made a lot of the decision making about final spec. much easier.
I am going to aim for a very spartan interior, similar to Gary's original No.66.
I'm now pretty certain I'll have the same seats that GazDavies used in his car.
I'll also go for dome rear lights & reflectors (see top row in previous mock up photo).
( I recently spotted that Patton used these Land Rover lights successfully on 'Skippy' )

I was always planning a "rough & ready" look compared to other builds.
This will hopefully save me time and now provide the next owner with options.
As clearly a top quality paint job & smart interior both take a lot of time to achieve.
But I expect to have a "taxed & tested" Cordite on the road without these.
Well that is today's plan, but we will see how I actually get on when building it.

Rolling Chassis & Engine Inspection:
Setting up the engine to MOT emissions standard has taken a bit longer than expected.
This has been due to the engine having been rebuilt & then left unused for years.
The good news is there is nothing fundamentally wrong with it. :)
The short Jubilee working week means the garage will need a few more days.
But at least they've now started the rolling chassis and running gear tests.
I'll then get my donor back with both work done & a "To Do" list for me.
Thankfully the garage knows what I am capable of getting done at home.

Ebay Update:
My second batch of surplus Spitfire parts will appear on Ebay tomorrow.
I've loaded descriptions & photos on Sunday, but set the start date ahead.
So the sale end date avoids Father's Day + England & Ireland @ Euro 2012.
I registered with PayPal too, so my selling limits have been increased.
The Dining Room 'Auto Jumble' made the grand sum of 26. :rolleyes:
But at least it cleared a few more bits out of the house.

Next Steps:
What I have learnt so far is that Ebay selling is time consuming.
So if I just keep on top of that next week I will be doing well.

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

Sorry, I just realised there are a lot of words & no pictures in this post. :icon_sad:
I will make sure there are some photos in the next update.

Paul L 17th June 2012 06:31

After exchanging PMs & missing each other on the phone, I finally spoke to AndyP57. :cool:
It was good to chat in the real world & I look forward to meeting him in person in the future.
We joked that he was just like Victor Kaim...
I was so impressed with my Sammio Spyder that I bought the company.

Cordite Kit No.7 Update:
My framework is ready and waiting in Poole.
Work on the body started yesterday (Saturday 16th June).
So my Cordite's "due date" in not very far away now.
There is an element of expected father about all of this isn't there? :wink:

But rather than hire a van/trailer to collect it, I will get it delivered.
This works out at 110, which much cheaper than I could do it myself.
It also makes it more likely that I can make the Sammio gathering.
As I wouldn't get the chance to drive down to Poole twice in a short space of time.

Rolling Chassis & Engine Inspection:
Well my Spitfire has now spent 3 weeks in the garage, a lot longer than I was expecting. :icon_sad:
My engine's biblical back fire was traced to having the wrong distributor fitted.
This allowed the engine to idle all day, but got progressively out of step as revs increased.
They now hope to have finished with it by the end of next week (touch wood).

Ebay Update:
I put 11 lots up for auction this time, but only 2 have been bid on so far.
But all lots are being watched, so I expect the usual last minute Ebay poker.
I was amazed how much the bids increased in the last 24 hours on my first batch.
This batch includes brand new parts (see below), so I did set some opening bid amounts.
To be honest, my nerves couldn't cope with the 99p starting prices I used last time. :rolleyes:
And with my kit paid for, raising as much as possible will help balance the books.

Here are some of the parts that I hope will do well:

Double Duck Soft Top

Leather Seat Covers

Seat Foams

OK, all you Spyder builders out there can look away now if you want to. :icon_twisted:

When I first saw the mock up of the Cordite, doors were going to be an option.
But as the project developed it made more sense to only offer the Cordite with doors.
So I am playing catch up with my research as I initially wasn't expecting to have doors.

I bought some Mini external door hinges yesterday from here.

These are actually the same as the ones Gary used on the Stoneleigh demo.
I hadn't realised this when I asked if they would work on another thread.

Also by chance, AndyP57 saw my questions before heading to the Newark show.
So he kindly picked me up a set of these when he was there, another big help.

I guess I will need to fit some sort of door retaining strap / bracket.
But I'll wait until I see how the doors & hinges work in practise first.

Looking into the rules about door latches I stumbled across this MOT site...
Within the information section on door handles I found the following:

A lack of door handles because of original design characteristics or specialist modification is not a Reason for Rejection provided the door can be latched securely in the closed position.

So no problems there. :cool:

Next we have details of the door test itself:

Doors - Open and close the driver’s and passenger’s doors.
Check that:
a. each door latches securely in the closed position
b. the driver’s and front passenger doors can be opened from both inside and outside the vehicle

Check door hinges, catches and pillars for presence, security and condition.

I guess it is OK to stand outside the car & operate the door latch inside the car.
After all there is no roof and in an emergency you can simply climb in & out without using the doors.

Remaining Shopping List:
I've enjoyed researching & comparing the various car parts needed to build my Cordite.
That is why I like build threads & finished car photos as they are great for picking up ideas.
Due to a lack of space I've held off ordering new stuff until the old Spitfire parts have gone.
I'd also like to double check some measurements on the kit before ordering lights, etc.

I think the seats will be next as they are a key reference point for the build.
I am going to get the same ones that GazDavies used in his Sammio.

Wing Mirror Debate:
I think I have narrowed this down to two options (for now):

Follow the Sammio tradition of shiny bullet mirrors as they clearly look great.

The cheapest place I've seen these mirrors is here.

My somewhat "rat" alternative are these black plastic mirrors.
( Sorry, I just couldn't find a way to link the photo )

Before I finalise my shopping I will need to agree what 'look' I am going for.
Currently this is a 'rough & ready' road legal car that looks like its had a hard life.
This will be easier for me to visualise when the kit arrives.

Next Steps - Project:
After a long period with not much happening the pace is now building...
- I need to make the final arrangements for delivery of my Cordite kit
- I need to get my donor back from the garage & start removing the body shell
- Hopefully all my Ebay parts will sell & free up some of my limited storage space.

Next Steps - Today:
Get off the computer to have a relaxing Father's Day including a pub lunch.
Thankfully the rest of the family are still asleep, so I can finish this update now.
This time yesterday I was already walking around Sainsburys doing the family shop.
I also spend hours in the garden trying to get it back into shape.
There are 11 bags of cuttings here and I still have a bit to do. :rolleyes:

But if I don't keep on top of my domestic chores I can't build my car!!

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

Paul L 23rd June 2012 15:07

This project has taken a big step forward since my last post...

Cordite Kit No.7 Update:

It has arrived!!! :D

Got a call from Gary on Thursday to say everything would be ready for Saturday.
Gary also arranged a courier for me to make the 100 odd mile trip up from Poole.
And here is what arrived on the back of a lorry earlier today ...

The beer crate grill and lowered floor pans will be delivered separately.
But here is the bonnet, body, two part framework, doors, screens, foorwells & dash.
Note: Blue gel coat & seat belt mounts are optional extras.

There is an extra cross bracing bar added to the frame for delivery.
So here is the first of many notes that I will be writing to myself. :rolleyes:

Obviously it started to rain before I could sort everything out. :icon_evil:
So for now, the body & bonnet are on the drive out the front.

Everything else was taken through the house to the back garden.
This is just a temporary measure until I can rearrange my limited storage space.

I'll add these to Psycho Pops' kit arrival photo thread shortly...

Rolling Chassis & Engine Inspection:
The good news is that all the work on the engine is complete & it runs smoothly.
The bad news is that some of the other tests couldn't start until this work was done.
Which means it is now looking like early next week before I can get it back.

Ebay Update:
A poor round of sales this time, 3 lots didn't sell & 3 went for the 99p starting price.
I've since cancelled one of the 99p items when my 'collection only' was read as 'post overseas'.
And whilst checking why I hadn't heard from another 99p winner, turns out they live in Italy! :mmph:
But at least I have raised another 432 (after deducting selling fees) which all helps.
And the 3rd 99p winner was very nice & is coming back next week for some more bits.
I'm new to Ebay and am learning as I go, which means I'm probably not maximising my sales.

Shopping Update:
The door hinges and door latches have arrived safe and sound.
My shopping list continues to borrow ideas from other Sammio builds.
In addition to GazDavies' seats, I also plan to order the bonnet parts TriTone used:

Next Steps:
Now the kit is here I will check some measurements & finalise my lighting choices.
Hopefully more of the parts I've sold will be picked up next week.
This will give me the space I need to start ordering new stuff for my Cordite.
But what I really need now is my donor back so I can get the body shell off.

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

My Cordite kit has wasted no time in "blooding" me.
I got my first fibre glass cut taking it off the lorry.
At about the time the driver was saying be careful it has sharp edges. :rolleyes:
And it was only when I had a chance to sit down I noticed another big scrape.

Mister Towed 23rd June 2012 18:12

Ouch, wait until you start working with the raw fibreglass mat :(. Are you going to paint it or just polish the gel coat?

Paul L 24th June 2012 06:27

Mr T - My current plan is to get the car on the road without paint.

Although as I follow your build I realise any bonding stuff, filler, etc. will stand out against the blue.

So I guess it will look patched up in places, but as long at it is road legal it will be OK.

Hopefully it will give the impression of an old car being restored & awaiting paint.

But that may just be wishful thinking on my part.

Cheers, Paul. :)

I take your point about using the Vulcan dial on your own build.

Mister Towed 24th June 2012 07:51

Funnily enough I've considered putting mine on the road for a few months before painting it to give things a chance to settle. The only trouble is that I may then never get round to doing the spraying :(

I think yours will look fine in the gel coat - the Cordite demonstrator looked pretty good in the blue gel coat at Stoleliegh and it was still pretty rough around the edges. With a bit of work it would easily look like a patinated paint job.

Anyway, keep up the good work and enjoy the experience.

AndyP57 24th June 2012 07:56

Hi Paul, I'm glad the kit arrived safely and it does look good in Blue Gel. The colour was chosen specifically from a RAL range (I'm sure it's RAL 5012 Light Blue but I'll confirm when I next look at the invoice) so you could easily get a colour match from stock to touch up etc. On a quick web search, it appears even Halfords market it as 'Gadget Blue'

Paul L 24th June 2012 12:48

Hi Andy,

It would be great if you could confirm the colour.

I'm sure touching up the paint would be a better idea that the "just repaired" look.

Cheers, Paul. :)

AndyP57 24th June 2012 14:30

Hi Paul,
Just checked :ranger: and the colour code is definitely RAL 5012 Light Blue.
Cheers Andy

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