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Car photographer 15th July 2015 14:37

1st kit car Fiorano
Hi everyone,
I'm just in the process of possibly purchasing my first kit car a Fiorano Type 48 spyder .... if it all goes through I'll post up some details etc, but for now - fingers crossed :)

Here's what it currently looks like -

... and for anyone who hasn't heard of this particular kit before - here's an example of what it should hopefully look like when it's done -

oxford1360 15th July 2015 15:26

Was that the one on eBay that has now sold? It looked a terrific bargain.

Car photographer 15th July 2015 15:52

Yes must have been the same one I guess - I'd wanted one for a while but couldn't afford it until I noticed this one.
But I'm new to this and just hope it's not too difficult to put together (also I currently have no where to keep it!! :(

oxford1360 15th July 2015 15:54

Problems like storage can be overcome - particularly when they are a necessity! It was the right thing to buy it when you did. You'll be fine.

Car photographer 15th July 2015 16:01


redratbike 15th July 2015 21:57

Lovely cars

Guy in charlton first built them then someone in bromley kent took over I have a brochure somewhere

Car photographer 15th July 2015 22:52

Yeah there don't seem to be many people building them at the moment - and I keep looking for them every year at Stoneleigh and never seem to find any
Has the company gone out of business now?
Has anyone here ever built one?

redratbike 16th July 2015 09:29

It's wan old kit now don't even think it's being made anymore

Car photographer 16th July 2015 09:43

Yes that's what I thought

jonkoxe 16th July 2015 10:34

Well the website is still live...

Car photographer 16th July 2015 11:36

Yeah I found that - there used to be a forum on there but it seems to have gone now - might just try emailing them :)

Car photographer 19th July 2015 08:38

Ok so I emailed the site and got a reply back - it seems that they are still selling the kit if people want them so that's good news, but alas there isn't a forum anymore - but then we do have this great forum anyway :)

Car photographer 22nd July 2015 09:27

ok, I've got a bit of a dilemma - I'm confused as to what type of electrical loom to try and fit.
the car does not come with a loom, so presumably I could fit whatever I wanted to?
I was talking to a spitfire parts dealer and he mentioned that older spitfires like the mk3 - that had a dynamo, had a 12 volt system .... but the later mk4 cars had an alternator and a 6 volt setup but with 12 volts on startup (or something like that) - because of the points always burning out on the 12 v systems.

now the car i've bought has a 1500 spitfire engine and appears to have an alternator with it.

the question is - should I try and get a spitfire loom and then have the dilemma of whether to go 12v or 6v system, or should I get a generic kit car loom which would be much cheaper - and if so, will it affect the points or any other systems on the car adversly?



oxford1360 22nd July 2015 11:57

I've never heard of a 6v system on a Spit or Herald.......and the points justification sounds bizarre.

A 1500 loom that you trim down accordingly is your best bet I would suggest. A generic loom might be neater/newer but will require some adapting.

Afterthought: Actually, if you are not using any of the Spit components such as lights there is no good reason to use a Spit loom.

redratbike 22nd July 2015 14:10

Get a universal wiring loom kit with fusebox like painless or iditit ... Lots of hot rod guys and kitcar builders use them

Car photographer 22nd July 2015 20:37

cheers guys

swifty 23rd July 2015 06:13

Nice looking kit and looking forward to the build posts, i had toyed with the idea of building something similar myself once the ribble is finished but had not seen these. There looks to be a very nice british racing green with yellow nose on their web site, i especially like the side running exhaust, look to be the dogs bollocks.

For a wiring loom i fitted a Langys loom used by a lot of the hot rods, easy to fit and the cable's are labeled every 6 inches, comes with a fuse box with relays too.

Here's the link

Car photographer 23rd July 2015 16:56

Yeah I saw that green one too - still trying to decide what colour to go for myself - but it's a long way off yet :)

Paul L 24th July 2015 06:14

Car Photographer - Good luck with your new project, it is a nice looking kit. :cool:

Sorry for the late response, but I have a 1980 Spitfire 1500 and it is 12v all around.

Even though I am re-using the original wiring loom on my kit, I would recommend the Langy's one.

As it will save a lot of time changing connectors and lengthening/shorting wires on an original loom.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Car photographer 24th July 2015 08:24

Thanks Paul,
I've got another issue now though, I looked up the engine and it turns out that it's not a 1500 spitfire one afterall but a 1300 dolomite one - prefix is ' DH'
But the number seems to be crossed out with 'x' over every letter - is this normal?

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