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Dave1954 30th January 2015 15:32

sva mirrors
i am removing windscreen for sva test, does this mean i need 2 wing mirrors, because i have removed internal mirror Cheers Dave

8 Valve Ed 30th January 2015 20:34

My understanding is the internal? central and off side mirrors are obligatory, the near side optional but highly recommended, esp. for motorway driving. Except for vans when the nearside becomes obligatory too.

Construction and Use Regulations.

Dave1954 30th January 2015 21:16

Cheers mate mirror solution
Thanks for a reply, I am new to this my first kit car,it is a Robin hood 2b, I take it as I am not putting the screen on I need to fix the internal mirror straight on to bonnet above dash. Cheers Dave

Chris Cussen 5th February 2015 11:51

The IVA manual has a diagram showing the field of view required for the mirrors. Note that if you have a van then a rear view mirror is useless anyway, but as long as you can conform to the requirements it can be any combination of mirrors.

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