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tricky360 12th November 2015 15:29

dna 60's style new model
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some info for you guys..
late last year there was an article in a kit mag about dna offering a design/ build service , come with an idea or a sketch and they can make it for you,
spoke to dna at a show a couple of months later and we agreed to do something
I like the old style ferraris , to me they are more timeless in design and you get a bit more acceptance from other car enthusiast than a modern car with a poor performance

my budget was strict so we banded about ideas and we settled on a Ferrari 250 California, ( ferris beuller car )

there was obvious constrictions,
1. the U.K. rules for cutting up a car
2. a single doner
3. my budget
so what evolved is the photos above so far, it's based on a bmw z3, reasons being

1. availability world wide
2. loads available cheaply , well in the uk anyway, I paid 800 for my doner car
3. range of engines from 1.9 - 3.0
4. tuning options are vast with aftermarket products a plenty

it was going to be a one off car for me only but as we went along interest was gathering and dna asked if I would sell kits
DNA were keen to try out new methods of producing and moulding cars which I was happy to let them get on with what they know best
using the new methods cut down the time by months so will make the cost of the kits to be the cheapest entry level DNA
and still get dnas excellent panels and fit and finish

tricky360 12th November 2015 15:31

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redratbike 12th November 2015 21:13

Another z3 kit fantastic the way the z3 is getting the tribute ferrari kits

Any idea on price???.

AcC8braman 13th November 2015 04:05

Need to know more :) ( Please )

tricky360 13th November 2015 15:10

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some more photos

Roadster 13th November 2015 17:19

looks interesting which Ferraris styling cues did you choose?

Im looking forward to see the rear - is it a kamm tail?

tricky360 13th November 2015 17:23

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rear picture

Roadster 13th November 2015 18:59


Originally Posted by tricky360 (Post 72551)
rear picture

So a little inspired buy the Ferrari 400 super amaerica cabriolet?

mazdarazmataz 17th November 2015 17:34

ooooo how much?

orbeas 19th November 2015 16:08

My friend in California owned this one for 31 years - was in loads of films

was red but now in its original grey

orbeas 19th November 2015 16:26

Any idea on price ??

paulwike 21st November 2015 18:20

Very nice, Are these kits available and whats the approx cost for one ?

tricky360 22nd November 2015 16:30

kits will be available, prices are not finalised yet, got to get better prices on wire wheels and make sure there enough stock of door handles ,rear lights etc,
dna like to provide a complete package so the builds are really straight forward and no delays in trying to source parts,which make a quicker build,

smash 24th November 2015 21:42

Quality looks excellent - really like that the separate sill panel is hidden and the depth of the door has been increased. Also like the stance and the wheels sat properly up in the arches.

Very keen to see price too but know DNA were never cheap!

Can you confirm the donor is not a 1.9 pre-face lift with narrow axle? (thinking in terms of rear wheels sitting in the arches)

tricky360 26th November 2015 17:23

Here is DNA's newest model a classic shape 2fifty Cal.
This will be shown fully finished at the Stoneleigh show 2016
Stage 1 kit: body and all bracketry including door handles in chrome metal 5,950 plus Vat
The following package prices are to be announced soon





These packages will be sold separately to aid builders to spread the cost.
People on a tight budget may also source various parts new/ second hand ( ebay? ) –

• Front lights - classic mini

• Rear lights- early MGB

• Wire wheels/tyres- people have used Jaguar ones on the BMW Z3 in the past

We have managed to offer this at an affordable price but please be assured this kit is of DNA’s usual top quality and will be a joy to build and finish perfectly.
Deposits of 1,000 are being taken now so if this is something you would be interested in please let me know.

kits will be available the beginning of February!

0121 326 8800

Car photographer 27th November 2015 19:34

Hmmm, very interesting!!

Danny_HUFC 28th November 2015 13:19

Will there be an interior pack aswell? Dash, door cards etc?

Lord Treganna 29th November 2015 12:10

Amazing. I too would like to see an interior conversion option. I can see myself looking for garage space to construct one of these.

priceofhistoys 29th November 2015 18:45

What a great looking kit. You should expect no less coming from DNA

DNA AUTOMOTIVE 29th November 2015 20:24

A replica interior option will be available just after the first batch of kits are supplied.This will be of the usual DNA high standard.
Thankyou for all your kind comments....Brian DNA

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