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bigrich 5th September 2006 13:51

SVA Passed Today
What a great day today is!!!

Clear blue skies at 8am as I drove to Shrewsbury VOSA centre...every other person staring at the bright orange Marlin as it passed them by.

All 7 snag points from the original test rectified and passed with flying colours.....a very good feeling to be holding the SVA certificate....even if it was only for an hour until the DVLA guy took it off me for registration!

Should get my 1997 age related mark by the end of this week, and then off we go!!!

The drive back was even better!!! Still smiling.


Dan 5th September 2006 14:13

Well Done Rich, you certainly didn't mess about. Are you taking it to the donington kit car show? Would love to see the result of all thoses bits that used to live in my garage... :)

marlinturbo 5th September 2006 14:33

Well done Rich.

The DVLA "may" take a little longer than a week. If possible have the car inspected at the DVLA centre rather than wait for them to visit you at home.

Then they have to write a report, and then send you some docs to allow you to get it taxed..................

Nice one.


bigrich 5th September 2006 15:40

John (Marlin Turbo),

I didn't make it very clear in my first thread....I've had the SVA done today and the DVLA inspection at the same place. Every Tuesday the DVLA visit Shrewsbury VOSA so I booked the retest and registration inspection to coincide...DVLA have taken the V55, V627/1, registration fee & tax disc money today....and say should be back with me Thurs / Fri.....fingers crossed.


Weather (& DVLA) permitting I'm at Donnington with the Marlin. Don't think I'll be on the track but want to take the car. Not sure which day yet...will see what the weather brings.


SDMC001 5th September 2006 17:05

SVA pass
Well done must be a great feeling, the people looking must make it worth while.


JG 5th September 2006 18:23

Well done Rich, must feel great :whoo:


BIG_Fella 5th September 2006 20:37

:evil: :whoo: Nice one:whoo:
I bet you cant wait to go and play :evil:


holgate86 6th September 2006 18:04

sva passed
Well done Rich,
hope to see you and the car at Donington. I'll be there Sunday I think, hopefully i won't need to fit the hood.


limpabit 8th September 2006 07:55

Well done Rich. Done a great job.

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