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MikeN 21st January 2007 12:52

Dashboard Finishing Treatment
Hi chaps.

Can anyone tell me how they have finished o painted thier dashboard/scuttle. I have sprayed mine a matt black paint, which looks superb when just sprayed, but being matt shows up literally any mark or even the lightest of scratches. Basically it won't wear well and will look terrible in a very short time.

Would welcome any suggestions or recommendations.



SDMC001 21st January 2007 14:55


I had my dash finished in Flock, and will paint the scuttle either black, or if I can get a really good match, the gel coat colour. I used a company called Suffolk Flocking services, he also can do various colours. The chap is in the Ipswich area, handy for me I was working up there last year, maybe worth a try.


craig 21st January 2007 17:05

Hi Mike, not sure how much the flocking costs and have not had mine done yet but have bought alcantara which is in most top end sports cars and looks the dogs...........ot also rids you of any reflection from the dash which the demo car suffered from when I drove it

The draw back is unless you have trimmed before you will have to take it to a trimmers but I will be getting the whole interior done anyway


ps genuine alcantara is not cheap though about 50 square mtr

limpabit 21st January 2007 21:23

I've used (or the other half has used!) red leather effect material. This has the effect no reflection with the sun and can be wiped down. But a pain to glue and get right!

alackofspeed 21st January 2007 22:05

I'm going for black hide - quotes have varied enormously, from 150 to 500. I did consider flocking, and alcantara, but after collecting samples, and leaving them in my daily driver for a while to see what they picked up, I considered the ease of cleaning them, and I ditched the idea of anything that dust / hairs / general airborne muck easily adhered to, and from which filth was bothersome to remove.

bigrich 22nd January 2007 18:59

Hi all....

I agree generally....avoid shiny surfaces (too much glare)....and try to avoid surfaces that make dust removal difficult (remember this car is a true soft top and even in the UK the interior gets loads of 'road dust' that needs cleaning off.

I too was going to go for trimming....but lookin gat the curves and angles shelved that idea pronto!

My solution....spray the dash and scuttle in Satin Black.....fairly easy to clean and doesn't show too many marks...also glare is OK .


holgate86 22nd January 2007 19:00

I have done a very cheap alternative if your budget is stretched. I originally did it as a temporary finish till I considered other alternatives. I have decided to keep it because I'm quite happy with it.
I basically sanded down and sprayed with stonechip, which is very hard wearing. I then had it painted in the colour of my choice. It could easily be trimmed at a later date if required so you have nothing to lose. It cost about a tenner.

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