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redratbike 20th June 2019 09:33

tribute tvr bodyshells
so what donor car would fit under here? spitfire is an inch out so that seems the closest one .

IanA 20th June 2019 20:49

OMG, my first TVR was a Mk2 in white with wire wheels just like that one. Happy days (except for the VW torsion bar suspension). Had a TR2 engine with 2" ground clearance.

A shame that the shell won't drop onto an early Audi TT.

TVR WB 84" Track 52"
Audi WB 95.4" Track 60"

IanA 21st June 2019 07:28

And here it is...

Still exists but SORNed:
Vehicle make: TVR
Date of first registration: June 1979
Year of manufacture: 1960
Cylinder capacity (cc): 1991 cc
CO₂Emissions: Not available
Fuel type: PETROL
Euro Status: Not available
Export marker: No
Vehicle status: Tax not due
Vehicle colour: WHITE
Vehicle type approval: Not available
Wheelplan: 2-AXLE-RIGID BODY
Revenue weight: Not available

I definitely had it on the road in 1976.
I sold it in about 1983 to someone near Ampthill, Beds.

redratbike 21st June 2019 12:41

Lovely looking cars for sure

stonefree 23rd June 2019 13:26

There were a few about here,say within a 30 mile radius Of the 3 that I was familiar with one was owner by an autoshop proprietor in Kilmarnock, who had a friend with a 289 Factory V8, the third that I drove probably half a dozen time was one that a Sunbeam Tiger engine and box(again a 289) was stuffed into
Not a pleasent experience...But at you at least know the colour of Adrenaline.

If you were going to use the shell I think it would be more than viable to use a MX5 ,as Tribute does on their MX250

OK who in now checking the wheelbases??

molleur 23rd June 2019 16:29

TVR = 84 inches

MX-5 89 inches (+ or -)

stonefree 23rd June 2019 19:10

5 extra inches in the doors wouldn't go amiss then

molleur 23rd June 2019 21:29

I'd stretch it from the cowl forward

stonefree 23rd June 2019 21:34

I based the stretch from personal experience , although I'm 8 stone lighter, the knees are

molleur 24th June 2019 01:05


Originally Posted by stonefree (Post 101036)
I based the stretch from personal experience , although I'm 8 stone lighter, the knees are

I understand that!

IanA 24th June 2019 08:22

Dimensions Checker
Easy to find exact (or close) dimension matches here.

Mister Towed 25th June 2019 06:25


Originally Posted by IanA (Post 101047)
Easy to find exact (or close) dimension matches here.

Thanks for posting that Ian, it's a very useful tool for anyone looking for donor chassis for classic replicas.

I did a quick check and it only took a few moments to confirm that the wheelbases of the 356 Speedster and Triumph Spitfire/GT6 are the same, but it also showed me that I could have used a 1990's Willys-Overland Interlagos*, which for some obscure reason I hadn't even considered!

*I've just googled the Interlagos, btw, and it throws up loads of images of Brazilian built Alpine A108/110 replicas, which look pretty cool -

IanA 25th June 2019 07:26


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 101075)
T...Brazilian built Alpine A108/110 replicas, which look pretty cool...

An Alpine A110 is usually my "car to take home" from the annual Retromobile shows in Paris. Not so keen on the Interlagos version although the larger dimensions obviously broaden its market.

Hope that 610bhp engine is light though, the originals are well balanced; not tail-happy.

stonefree 25th June 2019 08:43


Alpine A108/110 replicas
At one time I believe,Darrian were to produce a replica for a european company,I think they produced a couple and the client stopped .
Darrian has produced top quality and successful motorsport cars in all forms for 30 plus years
A pal ,who I haven't seen for years, has had about seven Darrians over the years

scimjim 4th July 2019 18:09


Originally Posted by molleur (Post 101019)
TVR = 84 inches

MX-5 89 inches (+ or -)

Scimitar SS1 = 84 inches (funnily enough, not on the site IanA linked)

IanA 6th July 2019 19:30


Originally Posted by scimjim (Post 101156)
Scimitar SS1 = 84 inches (funnily enough, not on the site IanA linked)

Yes surprising- that is definitely one of those "only its mother could love it" cars. Just crying out for a better-looking body.

scimjim 6th July 2019 19:48

It got one eventually - Reliant took the design back in house and did what they did best (GRP monobody instead of Italian designed plastic panels) - and we got the mk2 Sabre (too little, too late) ��

stonefree 6th July 2019 22:51

William Townes did a re-design car, it was featured in some Kitcar mags.I think Townes was getting the rolling chassis from Reliant.He already had the body moulds,and he had approached someone I knew to pull the lot together with a different engine.
Not unthinkable as he was producing the Railton

scimjim 7th July 2019 07:12

4 Attachment(s)
Towns did a lot of work on the SS1. Firstly the SS2 that was hoped to sell in America with a V6 engine

As well as the similar looking Target which he offered as a kit with little to no success

Then he designed what became the production version, the SST (T for Towns).

And eventually morphed into the quite pretty Sabre - I’m pretty sure that if Reliant had introduced something like this instead of the long outdated Michelotti design, they would have sold many, many more!

scimjim 7th July 2019 07:21

1 Attachment(s)
As an aside, Reliant also used the SS1 chassis for the MGF prototype - the V8 RWD PR2. The PR1 was M16 FWD by Motor Panels of Nuneaton, the PR3 was the K series FWD by ADC of Luton (that Austin Rover eventually proceeded with), the PR4 was a steel PR2 (never built) and the PR5 was a design excercise on a TVR chassis.

Reliant were the only ones to deliver a fully working prototype in the 27 weeks given by Austin Rover.

IanA 7th July 2019 10:20

Another aside- I've just noticed how "reasonable" Mercedes 200 SLK convertibles have become. Wheelbase is 2430mm (96").
Having driven one and noticed how heavy and under-powered it felt (yes I know there are other engines) I am wondering how much weight would be shed if used as a donor. The electric seats would be the first to go...

stonefree 9th July 2019 14:08

The electric are a bit of a problem, very simple things screw things up, stripping things off compound that.
eg flat /disconected battery and the sticks in first

IanA 17th August 2019 10:49

2 Attachment(s)
Saw this Swiss registered Grantura at last week's 50s Specials Show at the Cotswold Wildlife Park:

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