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gtti 2nd May 2018 23:21

K1 attack built
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start building my k1 attack about 8 month ago any
pointer Iva fail etc what need to change etc ,any advice would be appreciated

gtti 2nd May 2018 23:30

more photo
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here photo current progress

JG 3rd May 2018 19:21

Would love to see a build thread on this. The K1 Attack was such a promising development for the kit car scene but it seemed to die before it had a chance to get going. Not quite sure of the story as to why, have heard various reasons but nothing definitive. Have never actually seen one on the move, only static at shows.

Please do keep us posted on progress :welcome:

Carzon 5th July 2018 04:20

awesome build you have there. any new updates?

Electric SuperCar 10th June 2019 23:01

Hello, I just started a K1 Attack build. I would love to know if there has been any updates here. I have been documenting my progress in YouTube.

I will need all the help I can get

ometaci 12th June 2019 18:07

The beginning is always the hardest. Only slowly and it will be a evil machine.

Electric SuperCar 12th June 2019 18:54


Originally Posted by ometaci (Post 100834)
The beginning is always the hardest. Only slowly and it will be a evil machine.

Lol. Yes, I plan on it taking a long, long, time. And then after that, some more time. I am enjoying the journey.

ometaci 15th June 2019 10:11

That's the beauty of building your own car and developing your style. Enjoyment in the way of building and one million times changing the plan :)

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