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Mitchelkitman 30th August 2021 22:23


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 106824)
I spoke to a couple of traders in the hall, they both said they wouldn't have come if they had known how quiet it was going to be, that was about 11am Saturday.

Bit of an early judgement call? Things tend to (and did) get busy after midday.

Lucky@LeMans 30th August 2021 22:47

I hope the traders had a satisfactory weekend in the end, there just appeared to be an air of despondency in the morning, which is a shame for what is meant to be the showcase event in the kitcar calendar.

Car photographer 2nd September 2021 11:50

Yeah, shame about the low attendance of traders, I still enjoyed the show - not as many cars as previous years but I think that's partly down to this wrenched plandemic making it difficult for organisers to plan events etc.
I really hope it improves in future years again.

Lucky@LeMans 2nd September 2021 18:34

I've been to a lot of car shows over the last 5 or 6 weeks. All of them were very well attended both by public and traders, some were very busy. Stoneleigh was the most recent and unfortunately just failed to deliver. Covid or not, the organisers simply didn't get it together. The site has become tired, dated and rather run down as an exhibition venue. As has previously been said it is fast becoming an industrial estate, and a second rate one at that.
If you had travelled a long distance to to look at what was on offer , paid for yourself and family to get in, what would you have thought ? Like I said before, this is meant to be the "National Kit Car Show" and showcase for the industry. If it was me I would have been very disappointed.

Sorry for the negative vibes but I'm just thinking out loud !

MartinClan 4th September 2021 09:53

Notwithstanding the current climate I couldn't agree more. In my view it would now be much better as a one day event and perhaps an alternative venue that didn't look so tired. And not have the HS2 right through the middle!
Cheers Robin

Mitchelkitman 4th September 2021 13:01

It seems Newark has already been booked for next year (July)........ I always liked Newark, a different 'vibe' to it (and it's an easier journey for me :icon_biggrin:)

IanA 5th September 2021 10:58


Originally Posted by MartinClan (Post 106838)
...And not have the HS2 right through the middle!

TBH, I was surprised at how little of the site had been taken by the HS2 route. The area behind the big blue fence is so far untouched. Cancellation of the project (I know) would only leave the new tarmac road to Cumber Park in place.
A bigger impact is the area of grass that has been overlaid with stabilising plastic mesh to allow easier car parking on it, (includes the area where Jago and GTM used to pitch). Can't see camping being allowed on that in future.

DaveP 10th September 2021 18:15

Has anyone tried the Kitfest at Santapod ? Again I think itís a one day event shared with other interesting cars.

Do kits need to share in order to survive ?

Didnít get to Stoneleigh this year as felt it might be what it was from an attendance point of view.

Next year maybe.

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