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nellieb 5th April 2015 12:01

sammio at last!
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Spent nearly two years building my Sammio while being seriously ill! See recent pic. The forum on this site has been invaluable.

davecymru 5th April 2015 15:50

Cool! Looking good and lets see/hear more about it when you're able :)

Mister Towed 5th April 2015 16:17

Well done for getting it finished Nellie, looks like the paintwork could do with a bit of a polish though. :)

Paul L 5th April 2015 18:33

nellieb Congratulations on your build. :cool:

Would love to see more photos and hear more about the work you did if you get the chance.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Welcome to the forum.

Here is the photo to save others following the link.

nellieb 6th April 2015 10:11

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Originally Posted by davecymru (Post 65344)
Cool! Looking good and lets see/hear more about it when you're able :)

Hi, to you Sammio builders! I feel I know you well as I read your build up references nearly every day. But to actually interact is a wonderful experience! I bought the Sammio two years ago as an un-started project from gumtree. The biggest problem was getting the frame on the Spitfire chassis.I will put more pics on to show my progress. I have a race tuned small crank Triumph engine under the bonnet after continually buying poor large crank engines from ebay. The Sammio is ready for the body change from Dvla which I am awaiting a reply after a six week duration. I am not familiar with this part of the process registering the Sammio as I just sent a letter and the registration form to DVLA. There is a lot of body work still to do as the mould is all over the place, but the challenge has been a tremendous incentive and has without a doubt improved my health during my time living with my cancer treatment! I think because of the poorly made but low cost of the body makes you interact with the freedom and creativity which this project allows. It has certainly been an enjoyable one for me and kept my mind from my illness and also kept my fitness levels up. I live in the Highlands so meeting other Sammio builders may be difficult but on the positive side, we do have some great solitary driving up here! Thanks once again for including me into your forum and I look forward to are future contact . :icon_razz:

Paul L 6th April 2015 18:29

nellieb - I hope your are now cancer free.

I like your yellow chassis. :cool:


Originally Posted by nellieb (Post 65387)
... The biggest problem was getting the frame on the Spitfire chassis... the mould is all over the place...

Sorry, I should have spotted you were building a Cordite. :icon_wink:

There are very few Cordites at the stage you have reached, so well done.

Good luck with the DLVA and more photos please.

Take care, Paul. :)

swifty 6th April 2015 21:44

Welcome to the forum nellieb and it good see a new build on here, the chassis looks like it had a complete nut and bolt rebuild.

You mention you live in the highlands, i regularly holiday in Scotland with the family and there are plenty of excellent roads without the traffic plus beautiful scenery.

Looking forward to your next installment.

nellieb 7th April 2015 09:11

Hi, yes she is a complete rebuild. I have built a few kit cars over the years but always Ford based. The Triumph is an easy mechanical knowledge and as the parts are so easy to obtain it was a easy build. The body has been fun but does allow flexibility and a little creativity. I also built a little hot rod using Triumph Herrald donor parts which also was a joy to build. I dislike the regulations concerning the V S O, I built a roadster with a rover v8 a number of years ago and the regulations concerned destroyed the fun for me so the body change method is certainly for me! I was thinking of putting in a Mazda engine in the Cordite but then decided on keeping it all Triumph so as to keep it more original sounding and looking. I will post more pics in time only I am new at using the complex side of my computer. So glad that I have made contact on this forum, Regards, Neil.

8 Valve Ed 7th April 2015 09:26

You need to start an account with either Fliker or PhotoBucket, then paste the link into your thread.

If you find it hard there are plenty here who will be happy to show you, I struggled at first but once you know, it's easy enough.

nellieb 7th April 2015 11:56

I'm getting help from my kind wife Cathy so should get some on here soon. Neil.

EL PRIMER 7th April 2015 18:07

lets see the other stuff you have built Neil .

nellieb 8th April 2015 08:05

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Hi. Sammio friends this is my Triumph Hot Rod Bobber ! She has a sweet little 1200 Herald engine and running gear. In the winter I put snow chains on her and speed around the garden in the snow! Neil.

garyh 8th April 2015 08:16

A proper 'RatRod'

Paul L 8th April 2015 16:34

Nice Hot Rod. :cool:

Plus a nice view of your bonnet scoop in the background.

Have you got your bonnet hinges working yet?

Cheers, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 8th April 2015 16:40

That is a nice 'rod. Those rear tyres are massive! What are they from?

nellieb 10th April 2015 07:18


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 65509)
That is a nice 'rod. Those rear tyres are massive! What are they from?

Hi, they are cross plies and cracked so not sure where to get some replacements. The rod was built for fun and wired for day time only. I hope to finish her when the Sammio is complete and roadworthy. Are any of you guys going to this years kit car shows? Regards, Neil.:plane:

EL PRIMER 10th April 2015 18:23

wheres the fuel tank on the Rod Neil ?
Rear tyres look like a 6.70 x 13 or similar as used on old trailers and caravans etc.
Tribute body too as well

nellieb 11th April 2015 08:17

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The tank is positioned on the rear and is the Herald tank. Below is a seat I made from mild steel a bit rough but very comfy and cost very little and made to fit the small space of the Sammio. Most of my budget went on the engine as it is race tuned and goes like stink and is Triumph which I was after! I run a Robin hood as well which is tremendous fun! Regards, Neil.

jmc14 11th April 2015 14:48

I like the Hot Rod a lot. And, your Cordite too. Congratulations and I hope that you stay healthy. I've been down for awhile with health issues as well. It's the pits.

nellieb 12th April 2015 07:42

Thanks for your praise! I was given six weeks to live and that was two years ago and still going strong! Before I was ill I ran a muscle car and a Marlin berlinetta and a motor bike and I sold them all thinking my time was numbered. I then realised my health was slowly improving and thought that a small easy car would suit me where little hassle getting parts and such. And so the Cordite was found on Gum tree as a non started project and the rest is history. I worked on the little racer every day for as much as I could in all weathers outside until a mate built me a workshop. I'm building the bulk head at present and awaiting the reg from DVLA which has been two months now ! My illness is advanced prostate cancer how about your self? Regards, Neil.

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