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ChrisS 4th March 2016 07:57

After I uploaded my last set of photos Peter kindly pointed out that some of my bolts didn't have quite enough thread sticking through the nuts to satisfy most IVA examiner. They like to see 2 complete turns.
Having gone back over them the ones in question are really the lower front shock mounts. The bolts are the recommended Marlin length with a washer at each end.
My question is whether exmainators are going to object to omitting either or both washers to get enough length through the nut. Or is the only safe course of action a longer bolt.
If the longer bolt is needed would they then object to 1/2 inch sticking through? I know I will on cosmetic grounds.

Chris Cussen 4th March 2016 10:15

You could possibly get away with not having a washer under the bolt head.

If the bolt head and/or nut is contactable with the sphere used to test for sharp edges you will have to fit covers over them.

ChrisS 5th March 2016 08:19

Thanks, will go with that. I have a bag of covers waiting to be put on as part of final check through.

mcramsay 7th March 2016 15:53

Can you not get a longer bolts and then cut it down to the correct length? Pretty much every bolt I have used is cut to the correct length so you have the required thread protruding from the nut, but it's not so long it takes 30 mins to undo

ChrisS 9th March 2016 09:38

I may well cut down bolts in the future as needed. However for this particular problem I eventually found someone who would supply 2 3/4" X 1/2" UNF bolts which will do the job nicely. Thee vast majority of suppliers only seem to step up in 1/2" sizes, but found one that does 1/4 steps.

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