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lancelot link 31st August 2016 18:33

And now for sammio-thing completely different ....
I was going to attach this to Adams thread as its his original Cordite body , but that might be changing yet the chassis came from Patton indirectly from his abandoned Skippy 2 build I thought it best to just start a new thread ...

I have started to build a Sammio using a rolling Locost chassis . They have a slightly wider track than a Herald and a bit longer at 93'' wheelbase .
I need to modify a body to suit , hence , maybe starting with a Sammio Spyder body or a partial Cordite ...not sure yet ..

Front suspension is tubular A arm using Escort Spindles and hubs , rear axle is Escort with coilovers and four bar link setup ..

When I fit the wire wheel adaptors and 15'' MG WIRES , I will be in a better position to widen the body.

Bonnet needs to be lengthened and widened and will under go a make over to compensate for the larger scale ...

The framework needs to be added to and widened in the bodytub area ...imagine a Sammio frame joined to a Locost and you are on the right lines ...more of this to come when final body tweaks decided upon.

I have modified the front framework to accept the 1500 engine that was removed from the A352 project I am doing at present , this has gone in using homemade engine and gearbox mounts using Cortina rubber mounts up front and the Spitfire ones in the rear ...

Radiator is the stock Spitfire one mounted on new framework too ...

lancelot link 31st August 2016 18:39

The cockpit framework will be Sammio spec , giving full width seating and centred steering , pedals etc ...steel bulkhead framework incorporated also and strengthening bars from existing engine bay tying it to the rear of the dash / internal frame area a square box space frame setup ideally ...

Build will be fairly slow as time and funds allow ...I'm collecting lots of bits to incorporate some different features to the standardized Sammio formula we all currently follow ...

Mister Towed 31st August 2016 19:10

Interesting project Gary, will the Locost chassis mean it needs IVA?

lancelot link 31st August 2016 19:38

She is already registered on a non Q registration Towed ...I intend to transfer a dateless registration onto her as well ...

nellieb 1st September 2016 08:18

Hi I am building a similar set up but using a D type Jaguar body?/! I enjoy radical building. Well done!

Paul L 1st September 2016 10:31

Good luck Gary, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this. :cool:

lancelot link 18th March 2017 12:06

I have , for obvious reasons , shelved this build ...the new owner of the chassis may well take it down a similar route , I will update the thread if he goes down that path ...

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