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grahamhughes 31st May 2012 15:41

brake servo
Are there any other alternative brake servo options instead of using the rover 800 one. I have a mondeo servo, would i be able to adapt and use it
Regards Graham

EddyP 4th July 2012 19:56

Hi Graham,
I think there's only one car not using the rover master cylinder, and that's Ken, he's changed to a Volvo (If I remember right) MC, but with no servo, this is due to the bonker 6 pot brakes he's got all round.

I doubt it would be too tricky to adapt it to fit though, have you got a rover one to compare?

kenmorton 28th July 2012 01:33

No need for servo especially as I have now upgraded the fronts to bigger 6 pots. Really good modulation but they are definitely old school feel - need to press a lot harder on the pedal for the same brake response but a lot more satisfaction that the effort you are applying is actually slowing the car rather than some artificial leverage.
O.K. I might not be able to stop in the shortest possible distance when the speed is getting into 3 figures but that thought is also hopefully keeping me from situations where I run out of talent and need some servo assistance and electronics to keep me approximately where I thought I should be (track days excepted)

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