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WorldClassAccident 15th April 2018 17:49

Today I did something Deeply wrong, please forgive me
Before I confess please can I set the context.

I started refurbing the suspension on my Z300S in January but couldn't complete it before my ankle operation one the 1st of February. The car has been sat on axle stands in the garage ever since.

Originally I was to be release from the ankle cast and pair of crutches at the start of May but that has been moved to 'possibly June'. The pair of crutches mean I can't carry tools, sit down or stand up easily. Making a coffee takes planning to move the kettle near the tap, back to the plug, getting the caffitierra...

Anyway, it was sunny yesterday and spent the day driving the wife around doing her stuff. This was all in the truck and I really missed my Barchetta.

Today was rainy and wife suggested I might do something to put the car back together . I stared at my sticks and she said she would help. After the first burst of laughter from me and stern stare from her I thought I it might be worth a try.

Please forgive me. I let her into the garage and she handled my tools. I can only plea for your mercy.

Having said that it worked bloody brilliantly and all the new stuff is back on. Just need to drop it off the stands and get the tracking checked and I will be back on the road .

I had always thought that letting your wife into the garage to help was up there with incest and Morris dancing on the DONT DO list but it was really good and I would like to publically acknowledge her help.

Jaguartvr 15th April 2018 18:23

Ideal time to send her underneath with a toothbrush to clean all those hard to reach nooks and crannies.

landmannnn 15th April 2018 18:24


To quote a famous Scot, "you cannae change the laws of physics captain"

Barber 16th April 2018 09:30

I have stopped asking my wife's input about car related things. Half the time the suggestions are off the scale, but too often they are simpler and better than my efforts, and require undoing my good work.

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