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wozzy 14th October 2019 22:12

IMGBB issues
I am having trouble with the picture up loader, the sizing is massive, can anyone help me to rectify this please

SwiftyDS 14th October 2019 22:25

I had the same issue Lee - i got fed up of going onto my Mac to resize the pics taken on my phone in an image editor so found easiest way was to upload them first onto a photo library on madaboutkitcars forum (you can set up an album under community -> pictures and album) then click each picture from the album and do ‘save image as’. It seems the image size is reduced by uploading.

I then added the saved images to imgbb and use the full image bb code for my posts

wozzy 2nd December 2019 20:30

Cheers Dave, i will give it a try

SwiftyDS 2nd December 2019 21:52

You might not need to do this now Wozzy - when I uploaded using Safari on iOS 13 at the weekend it gave me the option in IMGBB to select the image size at point of upload direct from the photo stream.

wozzy 3rd December 2019 21:27

Yes, all sorted now Dave, cheers

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