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andysharrock 28th June 2020 18:22

cost of fiberglass recommendations
I seem to be going through fiberglass like its going out of fashion at the mo. I don't have any good suppliers local so everything is plus post witch is a bummer especially now when it can be a few weeks before it arrives.
so who have you found or would recommend that's cheaper.
I use cfsnet mainly not found any ware cheaper post is a bit steep.main things I use a lot of are
Coremat 2mm Thick 100cm wide is 3.88 a mt
33kg Roll 300g Chopped Strand Mat (110m) is 62
Low Cost Polyester Resin 20kg is 48 all plus vat and post

molleur 28th June 2020 19:10

That's a lot less than I have to pay on this side of the pond.
That is without postage (local supplier) and no VAT here.

andysharrock 28th June 2020 19:40

I used East Coast Fibreglass for woven roving they were the cheapest by far even with postage

Mitchelkitman 28th June 2020 22:40

I'd prefer to use local, but all their goods seem to be about 80% increase over East Coast prices, so for me the carriage is a small cost to make big savings.
I used Glasplies many years ago (great service, lowest price I could find) and the owners since and the prices went up.
East Coast for me - very good service and quick (even with a covid-era small order)

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