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Anthony Cherry 2nd July 2013 18:15

Bertini GT25 - Z3 based kitcar
I'm in the process of developing a body change kit for the BMW Z3. I am making good progress on the front end and I am slowly getting there with the rear. We are currently working on getting the plug design right. I will try and post a few progress pictures.

I'm hoping for a completed car by the end of the summer and an official launch and a few kits for sale at next years Stoneleigh show.

I have tried to capture and combine elements of the;
Muscle of the AC Cobra
Lines of the E-type
Presence of the 250 GTO
and modern feel of the XK180 and Eagle Speedster
With a little bit of Maserati and Aston Martin thrown in for good measure.

I'm not trying to create a replica car. It's intended to be a modern car with a modern design taking classic inspiration.
It will fit all the Z3 cars. Normal, widebody, Z3M roadster etc.... I can't wait to get it finished.

I have a Facebook page that I update regularly and will be posting build updates.

I hope some of you like it :-)

*** UPDATE The following pictures are the first of the finished Bertini GT25 ***

I have launched the website

Anthony Cherry 2nd July 2013 18:22

this is the logo im going with - will be in a circular badge on the front of the bonnet

redratbike 7th July 2013 14:50

Any pics from the side please

y cymro 23rd July 2013 23:46

This looks interesting How's the back coming on?

Anthony Cherry 24th July 2013 21:03

the back is coming along slowly - we are planning on finishing off the front first.

here is a progress picture of the front :-)

y cymro 24th July 2013 21:13

That's very pretty. If you can design a suitable back end I think you'll have a winner.
Will there be a coupe?

Anthony Cherry 24th July 2013 23:15

The back end is a little bit Z8 / etype / eagle speedster. I have a few progress shots on the Facebook site.
I want to do a coupe. It will be a fastback taking some inspiration from the corvette C2 / etype fastback.
But I need to sell a few kits to make my money back before I go for the coupe. I need to know there is a market for what I'm doing. :-)

y cymro 25th July 2013 00:16

The side view on facebook looks good. It would be good to put the same photo here if you want to gauge reaction.
Whether or not it will sell depends on many things including the obviois ones like ease of fit, support provided by the seller, and of course cost. I think it should sell well based on looks alone. Seeing the side view I think you're right to focus on a soft top - it suits it well.
I've paid a deposit to Chris at Tribute Automitive for something special that I'm really looking forward to. Otherwise I would be very interested to see how yours turns out.
Best of luck.

Anthony Cherry 25th July 2013 09:41

i hope to do a full build DVD - including how to strip the Z3, where to bolt the panels and bonding proceedure. Plus electrics.

However it should be pretty much the most simple build ever! One piece rear section simply bolts on to the car replaceing the existing wings at the same points.

The bonnet / boot are bonded onto the cars existing bonnet/boot frame after taking the skin off. So all the hinges and catches remain in place!

I hope it could be a DIY build for 2 people in a weekend.

We will have to see :-)

y cymro 25th July 2013 14:48

That's a very ambitious plan and I wish you all the best. The bolt on panel swap idea sounds very exciting and will give customers the chance to change shapes when you introduce more models. People could buy a modern theme and a 60s theme for example (or softtop and coupe) and swap them over as it suits them. A modern one to visit the British GP and fit the retro shape for the Goodwood Revival!
Good luck.

Anthony Cherry 29th July 2013 09:12

y cymro 31st July 2013 13:52

An Alfa theme would be nice:

And give me a shout if you decide to make one looking like an 8C ;-)

Anthony Cherry 31st July 2013 14:05

the back im designing is not a million miles away from the rear from that car on ebay.


y cymro 31st July 2013 20:40

I agree, yours is a damn good effort.
Now, about that 8C front.........

merks 2nd August 2013 14:44

Damn that's a really nice job you've done there man

Anthony Cherry 5th August 2013 18:10

i have just picked up the wheels!

they are BBS 18" split rims - with an anthracite centre and silver barrel.

for quicker progress updates and more pictures 'like' my facebook page:

Anthony Cherry 5th August 2013 18:13

sorry that should be:

y cymro 5th August 2013 19:41

Very nice. They'll really suit the shape

Anthony Cherry 14th August 2013 16:16

i have just finished the Bertini GT25 Website. Its got lots of the progress pictures on it and i intend on keeping it up to date.

Anthony Cherry 17th August 2013 12:41

Just finished the mould for the front end.
It should be good for about 200 bonnets :-)

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