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Jeff H 26th March 2017 21:38

Big thanks to WCA
Just wanted to say thanks to Nick (WCA)

My Ins co wanted a condition and valuation form filled out to do the agreed value bit.

Chris from Tribute originally done it and we thought they would be happy with that, but then they changed their minds and said it had to be either a specialist dealer, or a owners club official.

So Nick stepped up and done the form for me today. (as club chairman)

Thanks chap, much appreciated.

WorldClassAccident 26th March 2017 22:12

Just happy to see such a beautiful car.

Mitchelkitman 27th March 2017 16:34

May I ask which broker and company it's insured through. I had to accept A Flux's (V Low) valuation for the Quantum, which grates!

WorldClassAccident 27th March 2017 20:40

They have been ok so far and hope fully be ok with the valuation.

And so they should be, it came from the Owners Club Chairman after a careful and detailed examination of the car.

I am truly hoping to see it on the Top Ten show at the anual BBQ. There are prizes to be won!

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