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mcramsay 29th March 2020 19:43

Finally painted
So after 2 years of running the Marlin on the road to Iron out any mechanical issues (of which there were many!) I have finally managed to get the car painted and back together so thought I would share with everyone! Hopefully the link below should take you to a Flickr album with photos.

My car is a bit of a one off as it was the first E39 rear suspension type Marlin on the road. My build still uses the E36 front uprights and is powered by the e36 3.2 M3 Evo engine, which having now fixed a vanos issue is utterly insane to drive.

The car is in no way perfect, but I’m happy with the end result and I think Range Rover red is a pretty good colour. I still need to fit the windscreen back on and bolt in a spare wheel when I can get my hands on one!

peterux 29th March 2020 20:58

Looks fantastic, well done!

ChrisS 30th March 2020 10:12

Looks wonderful.

Mitchelkitman 30th March 2020 11:10

looks great, but you'll need to fix the cross-eyed headlights :-)

molleur 30th March 2020 13:42

looks very good!

ChrisS 1st May 2020 13:44

Where is your ECU mounted. Is it just underneath the scuttle but on top of the chassis? Just trying to assess options instead of cutting an oversize hole in the bulkhead to feed the loom through.

mcramsay 1st May 2020 16:25

My ÉCU is mounted on the left hand side of in the passenger side footwell. The other relays etc attached to the engine loom are under the scuttle but on top of the chassis.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of cutting a hole in the firewall on the passenger side to feed through the ECU wiring. But it was the only way to get the écu into a safe and dry place without cutting the loom up and extending

ChrisS 1st May 2020 17:01

OK thanks. Will take another look at my engine loom and see what is possible.

Patrick 7th May 2020 12:10

Well done looks awesome :)

Bobnic 10th January 2021 21:37

Wow! What a machine! My dad and I built an '94 E36 M3 3.0l donored Sportster and that goes like a scalded cat. That thing must be insane!

Drive safely!!

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