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slartibartfast 1st October 2013 09:53

Rear brakes all fitted & back wheels now on again. Turned it round in the carport and ready to attack the front suspension.
Now that I've taken the top four leaves out of the spring the extra long studs seem a bit .... well .... too long. Might clean up the old studs and put them back with new nyloc-nuts.
Think I'm going to invest in a big floodlight so that I can work a bit more through the darker evenings.
Wish me luck.
Tirtone: I'll give your brother a call this evening and arrange the return of your hub puller ..... plus a little something in it for your trouble. Cheers ..
Slarti 1st October 2013 12:16


I notice that you have noted your location as Surrey/Sussex border as of course are we.

We are in South Nutfield near Redhill are you in this area?


slartibartfast 1st October 2013 13:13

Hi Peter
Not exactly .... but not that far away.
Haslemere, south of Guildford. A couple of miles from the Hindhead Tunnel.
I'm sure at some stage we could meet up.

Paul L 2nd October 2013 15:46

Looks like your rolling chassis is coming along nicely. :cool:

The floodlight sounds like a good idea, as I know working by streetlight isn't great. :rolleyes:

Good luck, Paul. :)

Viatron 2nd October 2013 18:46

nice work, keep at it.

slartibartfast 27th October 2013 21:22

Managed to spend a whole afternoon in the ManCave ... started to strip down the front calipers to put new seals in. Trouble was getting one of the pistons out !! One of them came FAIRLY easily with an airline ... but the other ... well .. it was pretty firm as the saying goes. Trouble was the outer seal was missing and water had got in so it was d*mned near rusted in. With a little persuasion and a fair bit of WD40 I managed to tap it out with a small screwdriver and a little tapping hammer.
I will replace all 4 pistons as one is beyond help whilst the other appears to have a hairline crack ...
Onece the pistons were out I got my fifteen quid steam cleaner out before painting it up with nice red brake caliper paint. Not looking bad if I say so myself.
More pictures to follow soon.
I rolling chassis by spring is still looking possible.


slartibartfast 2nd December 2013 21:03

It's over month since my last post .... bet you thought I'd given up !
No, I've been beavering away (if you'll pardon the expression) in my flood-lit cavern (just like Santa's Grotto) and the front end is nearly complete. Front calipers are all nicely painted and fitted with new pistons & seals. I cust JUST two and a quarter inches off the front springs .... I can always cat them down if it doesn't like right. But a little bit of advice from all you guys (and gals ... if any) about the ARB. From my 1147 cc Herald the ARB is half inch and doing a bit of research on Canley's website it would seem that only the Spit 1500 had a 7/8ths bar. ... my question is, is it worth searching out the thicker bar as my engine is so small anyway. What difference is this likely to make on handle-ability and ride comfort? .... answers on a postcard ! :tongue1: Mr Towed .... I understand you put the bigger ARB in but then again you've got 6 cylinders to support. ... Any ideas?
Photo's to follow once I've got this sorted .... promise.
Keep the faith :hat:

The Shadow 3rd December 2013 13:27

onwards and upwards chief . any progress is progress. one step at a time. gently gently catches the monkey. and all that stuff. you get my drift tho eh cousin?

Viatron 3rd December 2013 15:40

In answer to the ARB question, its to increase the front roll stifness, this page is very good reqding

slartibartfast 3rd December 2013 19:55

Thanks for that Viatron ... good bed time reading :icon_rolleyes:
I think I will suck it and see by putting back the existing ARB then change, adjust and take further advice if it handles like a pig when completed.
Pictures to follow soon.

Mister Towed 4th December 2013 08:51

Hi Slarti, nice to see you're still beavering away in the background.

I uprated my arb to the late spit thicker bar after removing another leaf from the rear spring and fitting 150lb front springs. This has given me an agreeable compromise between ride and handling - it now feels more like a taught road car than a rock hard racer - and you can actually drive it faster on the road because it's no longer thrown off line by mid corner bumps. There's still almost no roll in the bends and the front tyres are a lot less likely to skid under heavy braking as the front end now just squats down a couple of inches and grips.

As you're using a lighter engine it's probably a good idea to try it with everything you've already got first, then make changes if you want a softer/harder ride later. Everything's easy to get to and the parts are cheap so it wouldn't be a problem to make retrospective changes.

Having said that, assuming you have a standard rear spring stack and not a swing-spring, I would recommend you take the top three 'loose' leaves out, plus another leaf from the next stack down while the body's off the chassis. Trust me, your knuckles will thank you for it later!

With 175/80/14 tyres that will give you the correct ride height at the back without needing a lowering block and endow the rear axle with a firm, rather than bone jarring ride.

A lot of people get seduced by talk of 'uprated' 330lb springs and expensive, branded shocks. imho there's no need to spend loads on the suspension on these cars, they're so light and low that they handle really well on Standard (pun intended) shocks and springs.

Good luck. :party:

slartibartfast 4th December 2013 19:18

Hi Mr T. Thanks for the advice. Another leaf coming out of the transverse spring this week-end as suggested.
Might be a bit slow on postings over the next week or so. My son's car this time; a Peugeot 206SW Estate .... suspension bushes bu**erd. From the worshop manual and various forums it seems easier/quicker to replace the back axle and torsion bars as one unit. Not a job I am particularly looking forward to .... but I might get a bottle malt for my troubles :icon_smile:
Keep the faith :hippie:

slartibartfast 8th December 2013 22:08

At last ! As far as I'm concerned the chassis is finished :high5: New bushes in the axle, new bolts all round; new pistons & seals in the front calipers; new slaves in rear brakes .... etc .etc. A good clear up in Santa's grotto and ready to start on the bulkhead and engine/gearbox. The only thing standing in the way of Sammio progress is my son's Peugeot 206 which need a replacement rear suspension ... Oh well .... onward & upward. Meanwhile a few photos to confirm progress. Happy Christmas to my readers... both of you :love:

christinedmc 9th December 2013 05:55

Thanks. Happy Christmas to you to!

The chassis looks very nice. I like the red touches. Great platform to work on.



Mister Towed 9th December 2013 08:31

Looking mighty fine Slarti. Keep up the good work.

Paul L 9th December 2013 15:40


Looks like a great platform to build on.

Good luck, Paul. :)

slartibartfast 11th December 2013 10:59

Thank you all for you most encouraging comments. Such a welcome boost.
Happy Christmas to you all and happy driving/building.

slartibartfast 7th March 2014 17:54

Is it that long since I last posted an update? Shame on me ....! Well actually I've not been that busy on the Sammio lately ... daughter moved to a new house and needed Dad's help ... grandchildren in Nottinham ... you know how it is !. But I have refurmed the water pump (still in fine condition!) as iare the dynamo & the starter motor ... both still had the stickers on which indicated that they were virtually brand new. :icon_smile:
But, some advice please .... not the Sammio, but my Rover P5B (I'll be posting on that forum as well). Today had the old girl MOT'd ... not a problem, in fact no remarks from my friendly tester at all ... but, driving back a few miles, stopped to put some more petrol in (including the lead replacement additive) ... drove the couple of miles back home and at the bottom of our road she stalled. Engine starts, but as soon as you select a gear (it's auto) ..fud :ohwell: ...stalls again.
So, park up, a short walk to the house (50 yards) and get on with degreasing the Sammio engine and have a cuppa! .. when the Rover had cooled down, abot an hour and a half she started and drove like nothing had happened.
Any feedback or ideas MOST welcome.
I hope to do some catching up soon on the Sammio and post piccies.
Cheers guys (& gals)

slartibartfast 18th March 2014 20:55

Got a fair bit of feedback from the Rover Forum and should get the old girl sorted when I have half an hour to spare.
Current wife has pressed me into sorting out the garden ... so not much going on with the Sammio. However, now got round to stripping the engine. Head off, valves out and starting to grind them back in. As I'm not going for an out and out racer AND this is on a bit of a tight budget, I am considering a using existing valves (none have been burned out) but replacing the springs. The rocker shaft has a little play in some of the arms and I'm wondering if I should replace the whole lot. Any suggestions?
Oddly one of the cam followers appears to have been ground down at the top end .... but for the life of me a can't think why. I have decided to replace all of them.
Any of you guys attempted to replace valve guides ?? ... can they be drifted out or do I need a whacking great press ??
Once I've rebuilt the head I will start on the bottom end. I hoping to get away without a regring or rebore but will keep you advised.
Keeeeep buildin'

Viatron 18th March 2014 21:19

You could drift them out but without the right tools you would probably damage the new ones putting them in, by the time you've bought or made the right tools I reckon it would be as cheap to have them done professionally . Nice looking chassis btw the red against the black really pops!

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