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seanick 12th February 2013 13:27

Shame about the mould as the shape was good, even if the mould was not.

Interesting that you are going to paint the galvanised chassis. Here in the marine trade we have always had problems bonding to freshly galvanised steel, and usually allow it to weather first. We mainly use Bradite EU96 as a barrier primer to the zinc, and thats usually just for decorative coatings as galv steel will last 30+ years in the marine environment anyway.
What do you plan to coat your chassis with 9

Viatron 12th February 2013 14:00

Cant remember the brand but its an epoxy etch primer, amongst its specific properties is the ability to etch/bond well to galv, have used it in the past and it seems to stay where its put! It will also get a further coat of epoxy topcoat and a dose of waxoyl so i fully expect it to outlast judegement day :-)

Viatron 12th February 2013 14:01

and i agree its a shame about the German mould, only chance now is that one of the 2 that were sold surfaces either for sale or for laon to take a mould from.

Paul L 12th February 2013 18:27

Sounds like things are going to move ahead quite quickly on the chassis front. :cool:

Also I now understand your plan for the re-body inspection too. :icon_wink:

Good luck, Paul. :)

mikmiglia 12th February 2013 19:36

It is possible to do a beetle headlight conversion to your standard Cordite, or Sammio , Pilot or whatever the new names are. When i was working with Gary i had to cut and fit beetle headlights as a one of. Almost early Corvette style afterwards.

Viatron 12th February 2013 19:47

Any pics? Although tbh it wasn't just the lights but the grill area I liked as well

mikmiglia 12th February 2013 20:46

Sorry no pics. The bonnet mould was poorly made and then left out in the sun so went out of shape.

seanick 13th February 2013 18:42

How about a Microplas Mistral bonnet? Might need massaging in some areas but ih has similarities to the G Front.

Viatron 13th February 2013 18:50

To be honest I think it's going to be the first of the new improved bodies so to start with I'm going to go standard as I think Andy will be photographing it whilst in the workshop, once built I can always goose around with the bonnet later. Can't understand for the life of me why the German front end was so unpopular.

seanick 13th February 2013 19:04

Can't understand it either, especially as it was symmetrical! Maybe the name did not help. Maybe 'Porche Front' or Merc front would have inspired.

AndyP57 13th February 2013 20:16

Hi guys. I'm afraid the German mould was so badly warped when I went to Poole to collect the set there was only one sensible decision. It had to go. There was no way it could be retrieved, and having had absolutely no customer interest in it since the 'Lancia' style was released, I told Gary to destroy it. I think it had been stored on its edge and gravity did the rest. We will be looking at alternative bonnet shapes and it's possible that if enough people really do like that shape it may be the inspiration for one of them.

Viatron 19th February 2013 19:16

Well chassis is back from the galvanisers, a day late but a good job, it's in the booth tonight to thoroughly dry out and then will get a wire Brush over it tomorrow to remove any loos tags and then paint so should be back to me for a marathon tap and die session by Thursday.

AndyP57 19th February 2013 19:42

That is as good as it gets! Stunning foundation to your build Mac.

Mister Towed 19th February 2013 21:05

Yep, looks great. Wish I'd thought of having mine galvanised now. :(

How much was it if you don't mind me asking?

Viatron 19th February 2013 21:26

Little more than I expected but still not too bad at 180 inc vat. But it will outlast me now!

seanick 19th February 2013 21:31

I think it will outlast everyone!

Mister Towed 19th February 2013 21:36

That sounds pretty 'king cheap for a chassis that's pretty much rust proof forever.

Viatron 20th February 2013 19:19

So chassis was wire brushed all o re to remove a few loose tags and the brake line tabs were all removed as ill be using stainless rubber lined p c
Ips. Chassis then received 3 coats of epoxy etch followed by 2 coats of chassis black.

seanick 20th February 2013 19:25

Now a nice coat of silver over the top??

Viatron 20th February 2013 19:44

Now that would just be ott...........

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