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Viatron 15th March 2013 17:29

Good day and bad day all rolled into one, managed to get one of the rear vertical links all stripped of its old paint down to shiny metal along with its matching trailing arm, also found a brand new rear trunnion in the tater box which is good because the one on the side I've been working on today has the bolt sheared inside it so I'm guessing that's why a new trunnion was purchased. Got all three parts all painted up and hanging up drying.

Managed to get the near side hub assembled as one bearing kit arrived from Canleys, I ordered another from Rimmer Brothers and it was here when I got back tonight so no reason the other side won't be done tomorrow. Have dropped a bit of a goolie as I forgot to order the copper washer that goes between the front brake flexi and the calliper and in addition my comprehensive polybush kit was missing the rear diff bushes so both ordered today, hopefully arriving tomorrow by first class mail so I can get the front end totally signed off early Monday.

Finished assembling the rear spring with new over length studs, a 1inch Ali spacer new rubber buttons etc, even though the spring looks brand new I stripped it and greased the leaves to ensure everything moves the way it should.

Biggest disappointment of the day was trying to get the near side hub off so I could recon it all, lots of thumping and swearing and regretting not buying the special tool for the job but I begrudge over 60 for a tool I will hopefully only ever use once. Popped into halfords and bought a hub puller on the way back home that might do the job but if not the scrap pile and welder will come into play tomorrow and ill make my own DIY version of the tool. Quite frustrated as if the hub had come off I could have had one side stripped reconditioned and ready to go back on in the morning grrrrrrr.

Still waiting to hear from the local tyre place where I dropped off my 4 steel wheels last week in the hope they could find 4 scrap tyres that hold air to use as build wheels but will pop in on the way to the unit in the morning and see what's what, without wheels it won't make Preston on Monday......

As always some pics of today's progress:

Till tomorrow......

tlrtone 15th March 2013 19:02

Viatron, I found with 3 herald based rebuilds I have done so fat it is almost impossible to get the rear hubs apart without the special tool.

I only ever planned one but invested in the tool on my first rebuild!
Worth it for the peace of mind.

Looks good mate and coming along now.

Viatron 17th March 2013 10:09

Well getting to Preston for Monday is a bust, heat a puller, nothing will move either of my rear hubs, looking closely at them I think both rear corners were stored outside underneath a salty water waterfall so have admitted defeat and ordered a pair of reconditioned rear uprights with reconditioned trunnions and driveshafts already fitted, at the very reasonable price of 90 each which considering what I spent on trunnion kits, bearings, uj's etc isn't bad at all, hoping that Canley will take them back for a credit. I know it's seems a cop out but my time is now limited as I'm booked solid for the next month so apart from Saturdays I will be a bit stuffed and this way I should still be able to make delivery next Monday so ill only be a week out.

On a lighter note we did get the rest of the brake lines in place and the offside hub fitted with the new bearings so apart from the calipers which I couldn't fit because I had forgotten to order the copper sealing washer between the flexi and the caliper the front is done and dusted.

When I got home last night the copper sealing washers and the missing rear diff bushes had arrived so I will have the diff and rear spring assembly fitted tomorrow morning as very kindly my customer is paying me for the day just to trave to Bolton so I can be on site for 08:30 Tuesday morning so I can get a pretty much full day in at the unit and then tootle up late afternoon and maybe pop into Preston on the way for a looksie.

One interesting fact came to light when ordering my recon shafts is that there were 2 different sized bolts used when joing the driveshaft flanges to the diff flanges 1/2" on earlier cars and 9/16" on later ones. On investigation te 3.9 diff I had selected had 9/16" flanges fitted but my driveshafts had the 1/2" ones so even if I could have gotten the driveshafts stripped and rebuilt I would have been a bit knackered, every cloud has a silver lining I suppose.

Should also be able to get the gearbox joined up to the bell housing tomorrow in readiness to connect to the engine when I collect it next Saturday. Also planning to strip, clean reprint and rebuild the pedals as Ribble will need those at some stage for the frame redesign and fitting. A few not very good pics:

oxford1360 17th March 2013 11:38

Looking Good, V.

We are at a very similar stage but you are now pulling away. I fitted driveshafts yesterday and discovered the same issue with the bolts, although Canley's parts listings show 5/16 and 3/8 rather than 1/2 and 9/16.

I'd refitted the 13/60 flangesto the driveshafts and then discovered that the flanges on the new 3.89 diff were larger. Fortunately I had a spare Vitesse axle under the bench and cannibalised that. It was then that I noticed that the new bolts were a little small. I had a set for the propshaft that are the correct size, so I go them on in the end.

When I build my next Ribble I shall definitely buy the reconditioned rear units. I am pleased to have done mine and everything turns beautifully smoothly, but I did have to buy the hub puller and a decent press (to remove old UJs), plus the new bearings and UJs. Never mind the cleaning/blasting and priming.

All good fun.

It does look wonderfully period in black.

Viatron 17th March 2013 12:58

Thanks, that's the look I'm going for, my thinking is that the car itself is period inspired so I think to keep the underpinnings looking period suites. I am still a bit miffed that I won't have rebuilt the rear uprights myself but time is against me and this is a side project to the Tiger GTA Dave and I are rebuilding so it wouldn't be fair to delay that project when Dave has put so much into it. I'm also conscious that if I am to have any bum in seat time in it this year then I will need to sub out parts of the build, it's just a matter of practicality really. I have made a lot of progress in a short time as I am fortunate enough to be able to predict a slack period in business around this time every year to be able to hit th spinners!

froggyman 17th March 2013 17:18


Originally Posted by oxford1360 (Post 41412)
Looking Good, V.

We are at a very similar stage but you are now pulling away. I fitted driveshafts yesterday and discovered the same issue with the bolts, although Canley's parts listings show 5/16 and 3/8 rather than 1/2 and 9/16.

5/16 and 3/8 are the diameters of the bolt in imperial (inches) 1/2 and 9/16 is the spanner size. Nuts and bolts are sold bolt diameters.

Viatron- Chassis is looking great by the way.

Viatron 18th March 2013 20:53

Diff an spring fitted today before I left:

Viatron 21st March 2013 19:19

Good news is that I picked up my recon upright/driveshaft assemblies tonight and they look spot on and everything moves as it should, the bad news is that looking at the weather I might not make it back at the weekend to fit them......bugger!

Paul L 21st March 2013 20:38


Originally Posted by Viatron (Post 41525)
... looking at the weather ...

Well I know looking at the weather forecast has become a key part of my build planning. :rolleyes:

Apart from this possible set back, it looks like you are close to getting to the Ribble factory. :cool:

It will be interesting to see what your frame work looks like.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Viatron 23rd March 2013 19:39

Good day today, basically the chassis is done, it would be a roller but deite a mid week call to remind him my local tyre boutique failed to have obtained some worn but air holding 13" tyres for fitting to the steel rims he has had for over 2 weeks now!

Only part not fitted are the rear shocks as they are on back order, we have made some temporary sports shocks out of 1" box section :-) also the Alain drums are on back order so have fitted the new adjuster and brake cylinder but am leaving off the shoes etc.

Front calipers are all done now but am leaving the pads for now and have also left the transit coating on the discs.

Fitted the bell housing to the gearbox after Dave attacked it with the rotary wire brush and would have had that fitted as well but discovered that the tater box parts dept was lacking overdrive gearbox mounts, they are on order now so the gearbox should be in before its now rescheduled delivery to Ribble sometime next weekend.

Called Andy to relay the tale of woe rear tyres and he has kindly offered to lend me a set of spit wheels with tyres so am picking them up on my way north on Monday.

Oh before I forget the recon rear uprights and driveshafts I bought were spot on, a tad heavy on the paint in places but everything has been renewed and moves as it should so a good buy at 175 the pair.

As always some pics:

Paul L 24th March 2013 10:33


Originally Posted by Viatron (Post 41576)
... on my way north on Monday...

Have a safe trip, hope the weather doesn't hamper you too much.

Good luck, Paul. :)

phil9 30th March 2013 10:48

hi your car's looking great good work... diff is great in the car tryed it on road to day once again thinks phil.

Viatron 30th March 2013 17:22

Glad it found a good home. The car actually made it onto its wheels today and rolled across the workshop! It's ready now for definite delivery to Ribble on Tuesday, big sigh of relief!

Viatron 2nd April 2013 16:40

Well, finally delivered the rolling chassis to Andy this morning bright and early so its over to team Ribble, hoping for regular updates from Andy on this thread as the frame etc. takes shape. Will have to pop up in the next week or so anyway as I need to drop in the engine and box and drop off the pedals and column.
Had a look at the new Colani beast and have to say that although its not to my taste the body finish is excellent and the pint job looked very very nice.

Mister Towed 2nd April 2013 17:29

Great stuff. Are you getting the German front end you originally wanted?

Viatron 2nd April 2013 17:45

Unfortunately not as the the moulds have been
A. Sold
B. Cut up
C. Not known
Depending on who you speak to so it will be the traditional bonnet

Mister Towed 2nd April 2013 18:59


Originally Posted by Viatron (Post 41893)
Unfortunately not as the the moulds have been
A. Sold
B. Cut up
C. Not known
Depending on who you speak to so it will be the traditional bonnet

Well, at least with a four pot motor you won't have to cover the bonnet with scoops and bulges. :eusa_whistle:

tlrtone 2nd April 2013 19:03

cool, look forward to seeing it take shape.

Is Ribble doing the interior as well or are you getting it back to finish off inside? Anything special planned?

Viatron 2nd April 2013 20:46

Doing the interior myself haven't decided whether to go Ali or fibreglass sheet on the interior, I do like the period look the Ali gives but don't fancy the amount of work required to keep it looking nice.

garyh 3rd April 2013 08:19

Nothing wrong with a bit of patina...

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