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mcramsay 17th June 2017 20:22

Wing mount bracket failure
So woke up this morning to a glorious day, had to go into work sadly but used it as a good excuse to do a much longer trip in the marlin, 30 miles each way mostly through country roads, at parts the road was really bumpy and I could see the front wings bouncing all over the place, even with an additional brace welded in by marlin, anyway just as I was coming down my street on my return I heard a bit of a fibre glass clunck from the front driver side wheel. I thought the bolts holding the wing on had lost their nuts but it's pretty obvious what the culprit is! See below:

As you can see the failure is through the 5mm flat bar straight through the centre of a bolt hole holding on a p clip. Coincidently this may also be a spot that I tweaked and bent the bracket slightly to get the bracket to fit better.

Easily fixable and I will redesign with out a hole through the centre of the bracket. Has any one else redesigned the front brackets to stop the wobble and if so pictures would be much appreciated!

Patrick 17th June 2017 23:34

I both changed the wing mounts and swapped the wings for much lighter carbon fibre one

Some pics from a recent minor restoration:

My original wing stays were hollow steel which cracked after only a short time. I replaced that with solid and adjusted the angles. That combined with the massive weight reduction has made it much better. They still wobble but it's not too bad.

MartinClan 20th June 2017 19:54

I didn't have any problem with my wing stays up until the time I sold the car 5000+ miles. But I did a few things to help.
1. The wing stays passed through a slot in the wings.
2. I was very careful to minimise any bending of the wing stays.
3. I doubled up the fixings to the upright. Probably different to yours anyway as my car was E 30 based

Cheers Robin

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