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thecarbuilder246 30th September 2017 10:34

vortex spec's
New to this thread but on another.
Can anyone here give me the details of this car? Wheelbase /track etc. Details of the running gear used. I'm currently building a dino replica but i'm looking to upgrade the deon chassis and was wondering if the vortex chassis would be any better as a starting point. I have my engine and gearbox sorted.
Are the chassis's still manufactured? Any details would be appreciated.


GttNz 1st October 2017 05:57

vortex spec's
Hi Ian,

I'm currently nearing (I hope) then end of a GTT build. The only figure I have is front & rear track is 1592mm. Unfortunately my car is away at the trimmers so can't measure anything for you at the moment - maybe someone else can.

Yes the chassis is still being produced, Chris @Vortex could update you.

Alternatively a little while back there was an unfinished build at the rolling chassis stage that someone was selling - I can find out if it's still available if you think it might be of interest.

As far as other build details, have a browse of their website if you haven't already :

My engine/gearbox is from a Ford Focus 2.0 Ecoboost. Brakes are Rover/Granada, getting harder to source but I believe aftermarket may now be an option. There's also electric too.

Good luck with your build - a Dino was another I was tempted by.


thecarbuilder246 1st October 2017 11:54


Thanks for the reply. I've looked on his site and there's not really a lot of detail. Would really like a few photo's of the chassis. I'm looking at building my own to take my engine choice but based loosely around the dino one.
I have a deon dino but I keep altering it, cutting it, but I have the chance of a 246 shell that I know was moulded from a real car. Trouble is the 246 is longer than a 206 and also the deon version was shorter still,plus uses aging donor parts from the lancia beta and fiat 124!


GttNz 2nd October 2017 07:49

Vortex Chassis
Hi Ian,
For some reason my profile does not allow me to add attachments("You may not post attachments"). If you'd like to PM me your email address I can send you a few photos of my chassis if that helps.

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